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Subject: Fwd: Marfa Lights Speculations
From: "Frits Westra" <fw-nx@...>
Date: 30 Jul 2004 14:22

Hello all,

I uploaded a new article about the Marfa Lights by Edson Hendricks to the  
files section of this list:

Below is Hendricks' message accompanying the article.

Frits Westra

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From: "Edson C. Hendricks" <edson@...>
Subject: Marfa Lights Speculations
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 16:24:41 -0700

Attached, FYI, is my very new report of my current status of thinking  
about the problem of
the Marfa Lights.  This is deliberately informal and not copyrighted, so  
it may be freely
copied, posted and even published, I suppose.  Of course I would  
appreciate notification
of any quotes or edits taken out of context, so I may offer any  
clarifications that might
seem appropriate to me.

The Marfa Lights appeared for me in a very striking display a couple years  
ago, very
closely resembling all the puzzling behavior I documented in my report of  
the display I
witnessed on 2 February 1991.  But this time I had with me two other  
witnesses with
binoculars, who can confirm the account.

I will be chairing the "Chat Room" event at this year's Marfa Lights  
Festival in Marfa,
Texas, on 3 September 2004.  This is to be an informal discussion intended  
to focus on
technical matters surrounding the phenomenon.

->Edson C. Hendricks  7/27/04  16:42 PDT

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