Mysterylights Group Message 0341

Subject: Unusual Beam Phenomena
From: "Ronald" <rdkramarz@...>
Date: 29 Jul 2004 09:43

Many people have photographed earthlights and many have photographed
vortexes, this picture (at the below link) is one
I took in July of 2001 seems to be a combination of both.  Orbs seem to be
"frozen" to that beam, a similar effect occurs with the solar wind plasma on
the earth's magnetic field lines so that may not be too unusual.    The beam
however doesn't have the normal characteristics seen in vortexes, it  looks
like some possible man-made earth energy amplification, perhaps a power
line transformer is located above a natural vortex area to produce that
effect.  In any case I'd appreciate any comments.

I live close to a power-line substation, and the beam appears to be
"leaning" in that direction.  I suspect stray currents from power lines
are able to travel through earth plasmas, so perhaps some type of
pathway is occurring in this case, creating a flow of stray currents
back to the substation.

Another interesting thing about the picture is that a purple energy
can be slightly seen around the perimeter of the trees, almost like
the earth energies were so strong the "auras" of the trees are
visible.   This may be from the combination of higher power
line EMF and earth energies combined.


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