Mysterylights Group Message 0340

Subject: Re: New Instrument Data and Report from Hessdalen...
From: Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...>
Date: 23 Jul 2004 20:27

I thought it was an interesting paper. 
Since no one has any comments or wants to engage the info beyond this level of conversation and[...]
Frankly, I would have thought that the Earthlights bunch would have enjoyed this article but th[...]
Anyway, Joe, 
Plasma, High Intensity Radiated fields, electromagnetic energy/interference and magnetic fields[...]
With respect to  UFOs and aliens, we have a lot more work to do before we can offer any evidenc[...]
Of course, there are plenty of folks out there to deal with the UFO thing. There are so many sa[...]
Anyway, goodbye, Mystery Lights..... I am sure you can reach me if you need to.
Magical Nexus

hach75@... wrote:
The topic remains, " concern for aviation  safety".                           
                                   The lack of sightings by pilots of unsual 
objects during the coming decades  should not be misconstrued as a 
manisfestation of an unsual nature but provide  comfort considering the past history of 
Recent numbers speak for themselves, there are signs of maturity in  aviation 
You mentioned that there were a host of science guys studying sprites/blue  
jets and related lightning phenomena, rest assure, this is not a labor in vain. 
In the same manner that you couple a train, you hook up the plasma with a  
magnetic field.
It would be unsual if anybody were to ask "where did the ufo's go?"
Don't ask.

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