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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...>
Date: 9 Jul 2004 14:52

I am aware of a magnetic anomaly zone in the Lake Ontario area, and also an impact crater with [...]
There have been some disappearances in the area but if one finds oneself in a magnetic anomaly [...]
Some of these magnetic anomaly zones are charted on aircraft navigation charts and many are ref[...]
Fact is that the Project Magnet work was the first of a long string of studies in that region t[...]
I don't doubt for one second that there has been intrigue around the UFO matter from the time t[...]
I still think that the best way to get to the truth about a phenomena that repeats itself in ce[...]
You may be aware of a recent case out of Mexico, Campeche - 5Mar04 involving FLIR and Radar det[...]
I have watched the pro-UFO crowd gouging the "Lets wait and do a thorough analysis of this befo[...]
My team were in Mexico City on 28April through 3May of this year and were advised of the case b[...]
So we look at the azimuth and declination, we plot the path of the aircraft by GPS position, we[...]
The pro UFO crowd is scoffing because "the lights went behind clouds" yet it is only an illusio[...]
One example....
Another - 
A film of a near midair collision between a helicopter and a flying saucer is made, allegedly n[...]
People are calling this a fantastic film of a real event. There are even folks claiming to have[...]
So I do a websearch and find the earliest reference to this film is on the Sci Fi Channel websi[...]
Yet the proUFO crowd will have nothing of it and continue to support the material.
Another example, the TNT production "UFOs:The Secret KGB Files" hosted by Roger Moore. Allegedl[...]
Or the Apollo 16 footage of the big disc over the moon... turns out to be the tip of an antenna[...]
Or Gordon Coopers claim that he saw a UFO land in the Mojave during military testing at Edwards[...]
Anyway, if you want to get to the bottom of these mysteries you have to do science in a logical[...]
I will admit that there are indeed provocative UFO reports and that they may be indicative of r[...]
Magical Nexus

Ronald <rdkramarz@...> wrote:
Magical Nexus wrote:
>By the way, I though Project Magnet was a Canadian project.?.

Both governments started their own projects using the same name to research
the cause of the numerous aircraft crashes and other unusual phenomena
(including UFO sightings) in the Lake Ontario area.

The below web page by the NGDA (government web site) writes:
"From 1951 through 1994, the U.S. Navy, under its Project Magnet program,
continuously collected vector aeromagnetic survey data to support the U.S.
world magnetic modeling and charting needs. NGDC is the designated national
archive for these data."

According the below web page, the community of UFO type reserachers first
became aware of this in 1963,  when Robert C. Beck, attending a conference
of electronic manufacturers at San Francisco, noted a Super Constellation on
an auxiliary runway at the airport. Its tail bore the words "Project Magnet"
the identification number 145925. Using his Lockheed background. (he had
tested Constellations) he managed to enter into a conversation with the
three pilots.....
During the discussions, Beck reported, it was obvious that Crow and the
pilots were aware that this project was part of the overall search for UFO


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