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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...>
Date: 6 Jul 2004 14:16

I am looking over the attached link, it seems interesting. I don't think we are necessarily in [...]
If the research leads towards orgone energy, or subtle energy, that is fine.... the trick is ma[...]
As I read the first two parts of the paper below, I felt that there was probably not a great re[...]
My point in this discussion has been centered on the issue of credibility to build a "normal" s[...]
By the way, I though Project Magnet was a Canadian project.?.
I will finish reading this report you have sent and get back to you, I don't mind this discussi[...]
Magical Nexus

Ronald <rdkramarz@...> wrote:
Magical Nexus writes:
>The first steps begin with thorough protocols involving detection and
>documentation. This is a huge process by itself. It requires finding and
>mapping a locations, documenting all known visible light sources,
>establishing mulitple observations points, establishing documentation
>protocols related to filming, photoing, detecting through a host of
>instrumentation, deciding which of those detections are true, analyzing
>the gestalt of detections, making decisions regarding the next phase
>of analysis and then executing those decisions.
>This requires a number of cycles and can last years or even decades.
>There are no shortcuts...

A few more comments on this subject.  Perhaps we can find some
common ground. It might explain the lack the groundbreaking
research on this topic.  I feel there is considerable evidence that there
are already groups who have extensive knowledge on this subject but
are acting to outright stop others from obtaining it.

Wilhelm Reich's research on what he called orgone energy would be
one example.  The US Government came down hard
on Reich and a court actually ordered all his books on the subject
burned, Reich died in prison, the court stated that "orgone energy
does not exist".    At this same time the US Governments' Project
Magnet was basically researching the same energy, the declassified
Canadian secret memo stated "The matter is the most highly
classified subject in the United States Government, rating even higher
that the A-bomb......The entire matter is considered by the United
States authorities to be of tremendous significance."

Reich's research did continue and lead to Bioenergy Therapies but
they had to proceed without mentioning or referring to orgone energy.

Harry Mason is a UK-born geologist/geophysicist living in Australia
and wrote a series of articles that suggest large ALP phenomena was
being produced in Australia by US earth energy experiments.
Mason writes there was apparently no limit the US would go to in stopping
that information from being made public. He writes that Harold E Holt,
Prime-minister of Australia, "reporting to family and close colleagues over
the preceding days that he had discovered something about the USA, and
their activities here in Australia, and their future intentions, that deeply
and worried him. Intending to raise these issues in Cabinet, followed by
Parliament on the following Monday, after his swim on the Sunday he was
never seen again. The body was never found."

Bruce Cathie was an airline pilot in New Zealand who was researching the
earthlight/ UFO phenomena because of the many sightings he observed.
He writes of the stalking and surveillance that occurred while doing his
research.  His book is titled "The Energy Grid".

Reich felt people could become overcharged with orgone energy and these
imbalances could lead to various medical and mental problems.  What evidence
is there that this can occur?  Orgone energy  can become detectable to
when highly concentrated and that's exactly what was found to occur.
The below web page describes how  Bjorn Nordenstrom, director of the
Karolinska Radiological Institute in Sweden studied this phenomena, which
is an unusual spontaneous fogging of x-ray films.
The below web page write: "It appears as a wispy, smoke-like or blob-like
form on the x- ray images of patients, and sometimes can be seen on the
monitors of airport baggage x-ray equipment. It cannot be predicted, and
most radiologists consider it to be a nuisance. However, Nordenstrom
studied it, and observed distinct patterns correlated to his patient's
bioelectrical fields."

That web page also gives details on similar research and the obstacles they
face, they explain the reasons for this because it's just a new concept,
but the trend from the above observations may point to some larger
The orgone web page further wrote:
"The reader will note that most, if not all, of the above researchers were
hotly attacked, or isolated and ignored for their findings, irrespective of
their credentials, reputations, or the amount of evidence they provided.
This emotional reaction, of running away from or attacking disturbing new
ideas, was explained by Reich as being the results of a specific emotional
disorder, which he called the emotional plague. Virtually all scientists who
have verified portions of this common natural energy principle have been
assaulted by special emotional plague characters, who build their
reputations not upon work or research, but upon political power, and the
number of scalps they have taken. Gossip, slander, political tactics, the
sneak attack, and even manipulation of the Courts and police are standard
tactics of the plague. Their secret goal, like the Grand Inquisitors of the
Church, is to kill disturbing new findings, and the men and women who make
them. The history of science is filled with evidence for this kind of
behavior. The reader is encouraged to read Reich's discussion on the
emotional plague, in Character Analysis (3rd Ed.),"


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