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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: "Ronald" <rdkramarz@...>
Date: 5 Jul 2004 10:06

Magical Nexus wrote:
>I think this sort of conversation represents a failing and is probably one
>of the reasons mainstream science doesn't seem to want to touch this
>topic and probably explains why it is so difficult to find funding to
>this material.......

Mainstream science has explored this subject to some extent, the message I
posted stated people with psychic ability can "feel" the type of energy
concentrated along ley lines.   The below web page reports that Michael
Persinger, Ph.D. research on APL's has a psychological side as well because
of direct stimulation of the observer's brain.   The initial message I
posted (concerning the top secret Canadian memo recently released) also
stated the US was interested in the "mental phenomena" aspects of
magnetic anomalies.

The below web page writes: "ALPs display odd movements, emit unusual colors
or sounds and occasionally deposit physical residues. When these phenomena
closely approach a human observer, exotic forces and perceptions are
frequently reported."

Persinger even found a way to duplicate the effect APL's cause, using what
he termed transcranial magnetic stimulation he found that subjects, who
were exposed to a specific series of pulses from TMS, described feeling an
invisible presence as well as other phenomena.   The below web page gives
more details. Persinger believes that naturally occurring magnetic
interference could be at the heart of mystical experiences and a whole host
of paranormal phenomena, ranging from ghosts to alien abductions.
(Persinger gathers good data for his research but I don't agree with all his
analysis and theories on that data).

When people move into areas where these magnetic anomalies occur they often
feel various unusual strong sensations (such as people entering crop circle
formations). The physics explanation can be described by sympathic
vibration, memories in our subconscious are believed by some to consist
of structured energy patterns of specific frequencies, so when "power" is
applied, by something like an APL, the amplitude is increased so experiences
associated with them are amplified. (that's the simple explanation but it
also can become more detailed.)

Concerning transcranial magnetic stimulation, many people are able to use
meditation techniques like kundalini and produce those same effects.
That's because earth's subtle energies can be manipulated by intent, so
a person may be able to concentrate enough energy around parts of
their body like the brain to produce a small localized magnetic anomaly.
The scientific reference concerning manipulating those energies by
intent can be found at the below web page I previously mentioned.


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