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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...>
Date: 4 Jul 2004 10:28

I think this sort of conversation represents a failing and is probably one of the reasons mains[...]
This issue of prematurely opening the door to the "fringe" without using the full array of scie[...]
By their nature the least that can be said of Earthlights is that they are em energies, as inde[...]
For examples of science being applied to these phenomena, take a look at Teodorani's work, that[...]
Magical Nexus

Ronald <rdkramarz@...> wrote:
James Bunnell wrote:
>Thanks for the reference which is one I have not seen before. You are right
>that railroad tracks are a common location for mystery lights. But that
>might also be the result of coal or other train droppings along the tracks.

If the cause is as I suggested, which is a blockage or restriction in the
energy flows along ley lines, sensitive people with psychic abilities would
likely be able to "feel" it when they came near those areas.

In the Vestigia experiment, which Thomas Bearden wrote about in his book
called "Excalibur Briefing", he writes "Preliminary surveys of the area were
carried out before the main experiment with people of psychic sensitivity
several days before the experiment. In all, three psychics were brought to
the area and they walked the 1 mile of track and the only direct correlation
was that all three had a reading in the same area on the stretch of track,
within sixty feet of where the light was sighted on the night of the
which was November 20-21."


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