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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: "Ronald" <rdkramarz@...>
Date: 3 Jul 2004 08:53

Wyatt Cox wrote:
>.....These Earth Lights are usually 6-8 feet in diameter
>and are bright or semi bright orange. There also
>seems to be a connection/attraction to rail road

The Chinese Feng Shui find that objects placed on 
pathways where earth energies flow (sometimes refered to
as ley lines) can cause blockages of those flows and produce
a stagnant condition where those energies become more
concentrated.   Higher concentrations seem to relate to 
actually being able to view a variety of phenomena.
So the railroad tracks may just relate to causing energy 
blockages on ley lines, resulting in higher localized energy
concentrations in those particular areas.

Wilheim Reich studied those energies in the 1950's and even
built enclosures to concentrate that energy, which he called
orgone accumulators,  which amplified and clarified many of the 
effects sometimes seen in nature, such as fog-like forms, and 
luminescent pin-points of light.  This web page give some further


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