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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: "Ronald" <rdkramarz@...>
Date: 27 Jun 2004 14:15

Magical Nexus writes:
>In my own observations as well as those that have been shared with me by
>researchers like Erling Strand and Massimo Teodorani, the discussion
>invariably returns to the question "are these phenomena natural". I for
>one, cannot state that they are unequivocably "natural"................
>Further, I have been examining the possible relationship between these
>phenomena and pilot reports of similar profiles that strongly suggest
>qualities of intelligence and advanced energy management.

Thanks for the response.  Actually it's possible that earth lights can be
both a natural phenomena and still exhibit these qualities of intelligence.
The simplest explanation is the human focus is affecting them, researchers
find that human focus, both intentional and unintentional affects those
energy concentrations.

For example the below web page writes:
"Dr. William A. Tiller and his colleagues at Stanford University developed a
subtle energy detector -- an ultra-sensitive Geiger counter-type device --
with which they demonstrated the existence of an energy field that is not in
the electromagnetic spectrum. With this special detector, Dr. Tiller
demonstrated that this subtle energy field responds to intentional human
focus." More details of those experiments can be found in Dr. Tiller's
book "Science and Human Transformation".

You also wrote:
>Massimo Teodorani suggests rather strongly that these phenomena should be
>examined for the possibility that they might represent nonhuman

Then there's the more complicated explanation that intelligence in other
dimensions are affecting them.  However in many UFO sightings, which
appear to be some type of ET craft, it appears that the occupants seemed
irritated that they have become visible.   Earth lights in those areas are
likely pulled towards energy sources in other dimensions (like alien
aircraft), making them visible in our world (so it's likely the two energies
combined makes it visible).  I even have some photographic proof to
support that idea.  Actually earthlights in our dimension attracted to
some type of ET craft in another dimension may even cause it to
unintensionally shift into our world.

Actually earth energies like orbs also accumulate around automobile and
airline traffic.      The below excerpt is from George Filer's  New
Jersey Mufon web page:   "I have noticed that many orbs are
photographed near heavy aircraft and automobile traffic. Both of
these vehicles generate a great deal of Electro-magnetic and static
energy. It is possible that this energy accumulates and falls away from
these objects. I have noticed that these generally white orbs are
photographed in very close proximity to the rear wings of aircraft.
So-called vortex portals are often located under or near
heavily traveled roads. We can speculate that the excess energy
accumulates and is photographed by the camera....."


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