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Subject: Re: Spook Lights in Alabama
From: Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...>
Date: 21 May 2004 14:06

Hi Wyatt,
Not everyone is cut out for field science but rest assured you don't need a=
 science degree to do it. You just have to be careful and critical and abov=
e all else, you need to communicate with others doing similar work.
These lights are very strange and there is no evidence to indicate what cau=
ses them. For all we know they might not be natural.... so we are involved =
in a search regarding an unresolved phenomenon. I have no idea what causes =
them but simple comments regarding "geological activity" do not satisfy the=
 question. The idea that high pressures in quartz bearing substrata can cre=
ate visual lighting displays is all well and good, but the displays in a la=
b are hundredths of a second in duration. They don't light up and follow tr=
ains around for tens of seconds or even minutes.
I have seen some very strange light phenomena and I would suggest to those =
that think they have all the answers that the variability of the phenomenon=
 begs a much closer examination.

Aaron Cox <wyattknows@...> wrote:

thanks for the info

I checked out the Hassdalen project website. Those
lights are very similar to what can be seen in the
area of northern Alabama I mentioned. There are many
similarities (size, shape, color, etc.). Some move at
very low altitude (I know of two reports where the 6-8
orbs were about 2-3 feet from the ground. A fiend and
I saw one at about 20-25 feet from the ground - it was
directly above the engine of a train -the locomotive
was moving at normal speed and the light suddenly
appeard and followed the train until it was out of

I hope to conduct some field research soon. 



--- Magical Nexus wrote:
> Hi Aaron,
> I have seen similar displays in AZ and in So.Cal.
> Same basic description, a rust orange sphere 3-4 ft
> in diameter.
> Interestingly enough, similar descriptions can be
> found describing these phenomena that are not so
> location specific. Orange spheres have been reported
> by airline crews at altitude, ground observers
> describe them transiting over cities - Casa Grande
> area South of Phoenix is one such place as I recall.
> With respect to protocols I would suggest that you
> examine the work of Erling Strand
> and especially the work of
> Massimo Teodorani and the EMBLA team
> Preparing relevent photographs involves using a
> camera as a spectroscope to acquire optical spectra
> that can be examined to identify constituent
> components of the lights. You need a high resolution
> digital camera - 5mpixels or stronger or a 35mmSLR
> with a 210mm lens, daylight settings, no flash,
> manual shutter if possible. Acquire a piece of
> holographic diffraction grating (Edmund Scientific
> sells sheets of it for 8 bucks a pop), cut it to fit
> the outer lens of your camera. 
> When shooting, always test your film against a known
> light source so that its responsiveness can be
> tested - same basic concept for ccd in digital. 
> Once you have a capture on film, get it developed.
> Note all technical details and provide it and the
> test shot to either an expert in, say, mass
> spectrometer work, a chemist or even myself, and
> some determination might be made about the
> constituents of the lights.
> Ideally one would have several of these cameras and
> several observers (triangulation) - the drawback is
> that this is primarily a night time technique. I
> have heard that these orange lights occur in
> daylight as well.
> In the location I have been watching there are
> several kinds of lights and anomalous occurances.
> They range from yellow-white, to green, red, and
> blue. There are also highly reflective presences and
> even once a very unusual display that seemed alot
> like lightning but was quite pronounced in its shape
> and behavior (very unlightning-like).
> There is alot of work that can be done in this area
> and the prime requisite is a combination of critical
> thinking and active data collection. I am certain
> that we are documenting phenomena that are very
> poorly understood though they have been around
> forever.
> I am aware of one site that is covered in rock art,
> some of it quite old (5K years) and seeming to
> represent the phenomena. The native interest in this
> particular site is quite interesting....
> Anyway, hope this helps...
> Magical Nexus
> Aaron Cox wrote:
> thanks for the quick reply
> There is an area in north western Alabama where I
> and
> two friends have viewed these Spook Lights on
> different occassions. The first time was in 1977. 
> The last time was last year.
> Because I no longer live nearby, I have less
> opportunity to observe them. They have been seen in
> this area for more than three decades.
> I have also interviewed witnesses who have seen them
> up close - a few hundred feet away. They are
> typically a fairly bright orange globe that are
> about
> 6-8 feet in diameter. Each sighting varies, but it
> is common for the object to be in sight for about
> 2-3
> minutes.
> Anyway, I am trying to gather information about
> other
> Spook Lights which are similar to this one.
> I would be interested in knowing what the
> investigative protocols are.
> Thanks
> Wyatt
> --- Magical Nexus wrote:
> > I am not certain what you are asking for.....
> sounds
> > like you know of a location already. I am aware of
> > over 70 locations around the globe where folks
> claim
> > anomalous light phenomena occur. I just got back
> > from a week on a site documenting unusual lights. 
> > 
> > I will say that there are a band of locations
> across
> > the Southern US and Northern Mexico extending from
> > So. Cal all the way to Florida where unusual light
> > phenomena have been documented, so I wouldn't be
> > surprized if they occured in Alabama also.
> > 
> > The trick is to do something more than photograph
> > them.... film and pics are nice but nobody really
> > considers them of any use as scientific validation
> > if offered alone as "proof". If you were to follow
> > strict protocols and use a variety of sensing
> > devices as well as take pictures that have
> > scientific value, you might be contributing to the
> > sum total of knowledge about so-called
> Earthlights. 
> > 
> > Magical Nexus
> > 
> > wyattknows wrote:
> > Conducting research about Spook Lights in Alabama.
> > Any info would 
> > be appreciated. There is one place in Lauderdale
> > County where large 
> > Spook Lights are sometimes seen.
> > 
> > I and some friends have seen them on different
> > occassions.
> > 
> > wyatt
> > 
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