Mysterylights Group Message 0306

Subject: Re: Spook Lights in Alabama
From: Aaron Cox <wyattknows@...>
Date: 17 May 2004 16:13

thanks for the quick reply

There is an area in north western Alabama where I and
two friends have viewed these Spook Lights on
different occassions.  The first time was in 1977. 
The last time was last year.

Because I no longer live nearby, I have less
opportunity to observe them.  They have been seen in
this area for more than three decades.

I have also interviewed witnesses who have seen them
up close - a few hundred feet away.  They are
typically a fairly bright orange globe that are about
6-8 feet in diameter.   Each sighting varies, but it
is common for the object to be in sight for about 2-3

Anyway, I am trying to gather information about other
Spook Lights which are similar to this one.

I would be interested in knowing what the
investigative protocols are.


--- Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...> wrote:
> I am not certain what you are asking for..... sounds
> like you know of a location already. I am aware of
> over 70 locations around the globe where folks claim
> anomalous light phenomena occur.  I just got back
> from a week on a site documenting unusual lights. 
> I will say that there are a band of locations across
> the Southern US and Northern Mexico extending from
> So. Cal all the way to Florida where unusual light
> phenomena have been documented, so I wouldn't be
> surprized if they occured in Alabama also.
> The trick is to do something more than photograph
> them.... film and pics are nice but nobody really
> considers them of any use as scientific validation
> if offered alone as "proof". If you were to follow
> strict protocols and use a variety of sensing
> devices as well as take pictures that have
> scientific value, you might be contributing to the
> sum total of knowledge about so-called Earthlights. 
> Magical Nexus
> wyattknows <wyattknows@...> wrote:
> Conducting research about Spook Lights in Alabama. 
> Any info would 
> be appreciated.  There is one place in Lauderdale
> County where large 
> Spook Lights are sometimes seen.
> I and some friends have seen them on different
> occassions.
> wyatt
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