Mysterylights Group Message 0298

Subject: ah, those ball lights
From: "red66dancer" <debralynn23@...>
Date: 26 Jan 2004 01:31

as a person who has seen such a light up close, i can personally 
testify that they exist, but alas have no clue to what they are and 
why they show up when they do.  of course, such a sighting has kept 
me curious about natural oddities since.  i ask myself, "was it 
meaningful?", "what's the point?", etc, etc.  one clue can lead to 
another and then to another, so i can't stop researching!  i keep 
eyeballing obscure message boards, hoping that my clues can be 
pieced together with another person's clues, and voila!  but perhaps 
that is wishful thinking, eh?
  Here's a few clues relating to this topic:  white sands, 
nm...quartz caves...ley lines...water...ufos of course...inner earth
seems like all these researched on their own falls short and i 
believe in the magic of many minds, brainstorming, etc.
  good luck to all of you!

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