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Subject: Re: Earthlights
From: Brad Strode <maverickark@...>
Date: 29 Dec 2003 23:38

hey whats up james you know anything about
dover lights in dover arkansas. i would like a reply/
--- Magical Nexus <magicalnexus@...> wrote:
> Hi James,
> Hopefully you have recieved the doc regarding
> Massimo, I can arrange an introduction if you like.
> Please do not share my name or email address with
> the list.
> The spherical anomaly was filmed against distant
> topography, farthest estimate of 1.5 miles. Best
> guess it was 20 to 25 feet above the ground and
> between 5 and 8 feet in diameter. It did not move.
> There was about 7 minutes of tape.
> I also witnessed orange spherical lights in
> aproximately the same area at night...
> Magical Nexus
> James Bunnell <jamesb50@...> wrote:
> Hi Magical:
> Assuming for a moment that the sphere was a mile
> away, what would you
> estimate its size to have been?  How high above the
> ground was it and was it
> remaining stationary or did it move?  How long was
> it in view?  I gather
> from the "fifteenth of a second" estimate that you
> were using video with so
> many frames per second.  Did it disappear between
> one frame and the next?
> I am not aware of studies by Teodorani.  It is a
> little surprising that
> anything that sensational would not be getting more
> attention.
> James
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> Date: Monday, December 29, 2003 9:32:39 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [mysterylights] Earthlights
> Hi James,
> The spherical object was filmed by a fellow
> researcher, we estimate at about
> a mile range. It simply disappeared in about a
> fifteenth of a second. It was
> reflective, I think - there were angular surface
> features but I can't be
> certain that they weren't reflections from the
> ground. I hesitate to use the
> word object for several reasons including the way it
> disappeared. It seemed
> to extend a tendril behind itself, from the top, and
> implode. Until it
> disappeared it seemed to be a smooth, sphere - like
> a drop of mercury
> suspended in zero gravity...
> The lights are generally round though we have seen
> blobs of orange light
> that look alot like the captures on Lake Ontario.
> I think that night time makes the observations more
> visible, though we have
> seen lights during daylight hours.
> The location is remote and quite inhospitable.
> I will wait to disclose the state it is located in
> until Teodorani's team
> have published their initial studies....again, are
> you aware of the studies
> by Teodorani?
> I am still curious how a local population can be
> aware of these phenomena
> but the information remains isolated. My own
> discussion with locals reveals
> a combination of fear and apathy that seems
> unusual..
> Magical Nexus
> James Bunnell <jamesb50@...> wrote:
> Hi Magical:
> Wow! That really is unusual and sounds unlike the
> phenomenon I have been
> investigating. Apparently the lights and objects you
> describe manifest
> during daylight hours as well as at night. Are the
> reflective shapes regular
> geometric shapes or irregular is shape? Are the
> sides smooth or jagged? Are
> these lights and objects more likely to be seen at
> any particular time of
> the day or night? Can you tell me what state they
> are located in?
> I gather this must be a remote area else it would
> have been covered up with
> people long ago. Please tell me more.
> James
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> From: "Magical Nexus" <magicalnexus@...>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 9:01 PM
> Subject: Re: [mysterylights] Earthlights
> > Hi James,
> > Phenomena at the location I have been examining
> manifest around the clock
> and, as I mentioned, demonstrate a variety of
> appearances. There hasn't been
> a visit yet that hasn't produced anomalous
> observations within 8-10 hours.
> It is also interesting that we have seen phenomena
> that seem related to the
> site itself as far as 30miles east of the location
> and 25miles north of the
> site as well. I have seen them as high as 50degrees
> and several miles away
> so they don't really qualify as "ground" lights.
> > The self-luminous, metallic looking anomalies have
> appeared in two main
> forms that I have seen, spherical shapes five two
> eight feet across and
> rectangular shapes. The sphere did not seem
> luminous, it was reflective. The
> rectangle was actually a very bright bluish white
> line that was vibrating at
> a frequency to appear as a rectangular shape to
> unaided eyes and camcorders
> at regular speed. A dissection of the video
> demonstrates a vertically
> vibrating linear phenomenon, at 30frames per second.
> We observed this
> phenomenon as it approached the location and then
> disappeared over it. It
> was approximately 1-200 ft above ground level.
> > We have seen lights of yellow-amber, green, red,
> white and blue as well as
> unusual flashes.
> > Erling Strand and I were standing on a berm
> watching after dark when a
> yellow-green flash appeared out of the crapperal
> (chapperal) and passed
> between us. Less than a second duration. I thought
> it was an visual artifact
> until Erling asked me if I saw it.
> > The site itself seems to have a great deal of
> value to the local natives,
> and I estimate some of the native glyphs to be at
> least 5000yrs old.
> > I have been discussing this matter with Massimo
> Teodorani as my own team
> has a rather practical interest in these phenomena,
> however they arise.
> > I will say that when I am on-site, I try not to
> sleep. It seems like the
> location has, I don't know how to put this... I just
> try not to sleep and
> pay alot of attention to what is going on around me.
> > There is the matter of very high speed captures,
> 3-15 frames, of small red
> and green lights that seem to move into our
> immediate zone and withdraw.
> Strange stuff indeed.
> > Magical Nexus
> > 
> > James Bunnell <jamesb50@...> wrote:
> > Dear Magical Nexus:
> > 
> > Interesting. Activity at the site near Marfa,
> Texas is less frequent. The
> probability of seeing a mystery light on any given
> evening is approximately
> 15% or about one in seven. It is easy to spend
> countless nights without
> seeing anything but the phenomena is very real and
> definitely does manifest
> between sunset and sunrise. Appearances are almost
> always within 200 minutes
> of day/night boundaries with about 2/3 of the
> appearances occurring in the
> evening hours and the balance occurring in the
> morning hours. Never happens
> during daylight hours and very rarely between
> midnight and 4:00 am. Don't
> have data for Brown Mountain, NC or Min Min,
> Australia but have been given
> the impression that Brown Mountain appearances may
> be even more rare.
> > 
> > There is a site in Texas that may occur every
> night but I suspect that
> this location is a different type of apparition as
> the source appears to be
> venting from the ground continuously.
> > 
> > Have never seen anything that fits your
> characterization 
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