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Subject: Analysis of A Photograph of A High Speed Ball of Light
From: Frits Westra <fw-nx@...>
Date: 01 Nov 2003 23:02

NARCAP Technical Report - 7

Analysis of A Photograph of A High Speed Ball of Light
Richard F. Haines
Copyright 2003


This pilot sighting report and color photograph of an unidentified aerial 
phenomena (UAP) called for a number of different forensic methods 
including photo-analysis, aircraft window study, camera-lens-film 
analyses, and evaluation of reporter credibility. The single frame, Kodak 
color, copy negative was submitted for examination by one of the several 
eye-witnesses. This paper describes the results of these analyses.  It is 
concluded that: (1) whatever the UAP was it was probably in sub-sonic 
flight. If the UAP was travelling at subsonic speed the estimated total 
sighting duration and/or its estimated distance from the witness are 
clearly in error by a factor of two or more, (2) no evidence of a hoax or 
double exposure was found nor were any bolides, meteorites, or other 
unidentified aerial phenomena reported for that time and place, (3) the 
luminance of the main body of the object and immediately adjacent tail 
area were so high they  fully saturated (exposed) the relatively “slow” 
film. This may explain why the photograph does not correspond closely to 
what was seen, (4) the film’s optical density, as measured along the 
length of the white tail behind the UAP, changed in a peculiar fashion and 
is not characteristic of reflected sunlight off water droplet vapor, and 
(5) interesting micro-details were discovered that suggest the possibility 
of some type of energy emissions extending from the UAP but not 
necessarily in the direction of its flight. The nature of the UAP and 
constitution of its atmospheric trail remains unknown at this time.

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