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Subject: Fwd = Thailland's Naga Fireballs Declared Not Supernatural
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Date: 16 Oct 2003 22:59

Farshores News	


Posted Oct 12.03

Original headline: Science Ministry solves Naga fireballs mystery

The mystery behind the appearance of the Naga fireballs on the Mekong 
River has been finally solved, and it is a natural occurrence, the Science 
Ministry said yesterday.

"The phenomenon is caused by flammable phosphine gas," deputy permanent 
secretary Saksit Tridech said.

The ministry launched a scientific expedition on Friday to measure and 
observe the annual manifestation in Nong Khai province.

A thermo-scanner was set up near the riverbank in Rattana Wapee 
sub-district and five teams of specialists were stationed at various 
vantage points along the river, including at Thai Temple in Phon Phisai 
district, where thousands of curious spectators had gathered to witness 
the event.

The Naga fireballs appear at the end of Buddhist Lent, leading many to 
believe it is not the result of natural causes but something more mystical.

But Saksit said the scanning equipment picked up the movement of the gas 
floating off the water surface before people could catch with their eyes 
the glowing orange bubbles igniting into fireballs.

Their timing depends on the build-up of the marsh gas on the riverbed, 
which often peaked in October.

Fireballs have been sighted at various times throughout the year in the 
Mekong and nearby areas with a high concentration of phosphine, he said.

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The Nation / Thailand | Napanisa Kaewmorakot - OCT 12.03

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