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Subject: Fwd = UFO-spotters make beeline for Loch Ness
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Date: 31 Jan 2003 19:30

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                                             31 January 2003 
   UFO-spotters make beeline for Loch Ness

   VISITORS from another world are creating an out-of-season tourist
   invasion at Loch Ness.

   After the Inverness Courier revealed unexplained lights had been seen
   and filmed on successive nights in the sky over Drumnadrochit, UFO
   research groups and individual enthusiasts from around Scotland
   announced plans to head to the area to carry out their own

   Former Royal Navy submariner Lee Close, of the Anglo-Scottish UFO
   Research Agency, was one of the investigators who contacted the
   Courier to appeal for more information on the sightings.

   Mr Close, whose group is currently researching 17 UFO sightings in the
   Fife and Dundee area, now wants to investigate the Loch Ness sighting.
   Some of the people involved with me have 20 to 30 years experience of
   sightings, he revealed. All details we receive are treated
   confidentially and we will approach other groups to help if we need
   them. It is the same level of service you would get if you went to a
   professional investigator.

   At the end of the day, people want to know what they are seeing, he

   Another UFO devotee linked the Drumnadrochit sighting with a UFO
   spotted in the English Midlands. They have made contact its about the
   first human clone, he claimed.

   Unfortunately for alien-seekers, a local expert believes he has a
   solution to the mysterious lights which is literally more down to

   John Dijkslag, who has a PhD in astronomy and lives in the Croy area,
   is certain the lights have nothing to do with extra-terrestrial
   visitors and instead owe their origins to the geology of the Great
   Glen faultline.

   Its a light show by Mother Earth, Mr Dijkslag told the Courier. It is
   a geographical-related phenomenon. Its the result of stress propagated
   by a fault line.

   He is convinced the explanation for the lights is Tectonic Strain
   Theory (TST). This involves the release of energy as a result of
   stress along geological faultlines, a phenomenon Mr Dijkslag has
   investigated in the Netherlands.

   In comparison with the faultlines present in the part of Holland where
   we did our research, this faultline is enormous. I believe its one of
   the longest faults known to this planet, Mr Dijkslag said.

   There is a strain through the faultline which is compatible with an
   elastic band. It could be caused by volcanic activity, but water can
   cause it too and a lot of water has gone down there in the last few

   The light is actually highly charged electric energy. From the work I
   have done, the lights originate in the faultline in the middle of the

   Similar lights were seen above the Kessock Bridge in December 1990.
   Mr Dijkslag now plans to give a lecture on the phenomenon in
   Drumnadrochit Village Hall.

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