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Subject: Re: Dover lights
From: "DAN SANDERS" <wildub1@...>
Date: 20 Jan 2003 18:07

hi, never been to arkansas, but I have a great picture of an earthlight
leaving the oldest stone ring in ireland.  The site is on the nw coast, the
last present day land site along a line of 4000 bce sites that extends from
dublin - the line actually originates in egypt.  these lines form an earth
star, two triangles inside a circle, I think this pattern covers the planet
and the ancients knew of this force (either from divining rods or crystals,
chance or from an earlier advanced civilization).  I didn't see the light
when I took the picture which suggests that these sites accelerate the
energy into a useable form.

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From: "Jean Michel" <cptnlyur@...>
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Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 4:22 AM
Subject: [mysterylights] Dover lights

> I want to go observe and photograph the Dover Lights in Arkansas.
> Could someone tell where exactly is the sightings place, on which road
> and how many miles from nearest city ?
> Thank you much.
> Also if some use to go there regularly, please tell also so that we may
> over there.
> Also any of you have been observing the Rich Mountain light in Mena,
> Arkansas ?
> Jean Michel
> PS. I have a number of photos and wavs that I took
> on Brown Mountain, NC. Also have the little leaflet
> written in the 60's by a local contactee with extraterrestrials
> in there (so he says, very interesting report, looks strange enough
> not to be a carbon copy of the stories of UFO contactees, and obviously
> not made for money, since that man was selling the leaflet just to
> cover the printing cost, and on a very small scale locally. His story
> makes far much more sense that the very low standard and quite stupid
> episode of X Files on "Brown Mountain")
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