Mysterylights Group Message 0247

Subject: Dover lights
From: "Jean Michel" <cptnlyur@...>
Date: 18 Jan 2003 04:22

I want to go observe and photograph the Dover Lights in Arkansas.

Could someone tell where exactly is the sightings place, on which road
and how many miles from nearest city ?
Thank you much.
Also if some use to go there regularly, please tell also so that we may meet
over there.
Also any of you have been observing the Rich Mountain light in Mena,
Arkansas ?
Jean Michel
PS. I have a number of photos and wavs that I took
on Brown Mountain, NC. Also have the little leaflet
written in the 60's by a local contactee with extraterrestrials
in there (so he says, very interesting report, looks strange enough
not to be a carbon copy of the stories of UFO contactees, and obviously
not made for money, since that man was selling the leaflet just to
cover the printing cost, and on a very small scale locally. His story
makes far much more sense that the very low standard and quite stupid
episode of X Files on "Brown Mountain")

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