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Subject: Re: Orb reported
From: "Robertson Harpsichords" <tsrobert@...>
Date: 17 Jan 2003 19:22

A friend just sent me this letter this morning. She and her daughter live
just west of Spencer Indiana.  About 12 miles west of where I live.
Something takes their things and then replaces them a couple days later.  Th
daughter has seen these "fairies" quite frequently throughout her life.
Mostly she just finds them annoying as they are mishieveous.


 Yesterday on the way home from work, my daughter saw a very bright flash of
light and then she saw a small orb,she called it a globe, kind of like a
snow globe- it was very light blue- it appeared tobe very close to her face-
she thought she could see a face in it, including features such as a nose,
but it was more a profile, than a frontal view- does this make sense/
anyway, she says it was a little bigger than the kids sofball- then this orb
got on her shoulder, and rode home with her in the car- after she parked the
car she could no longer see it- she has been missing her wedding ring- she
wanted to hock it- this morning she wanted to wear her moonstone necklace,
and it was not where she had left it- when she got home today it was back-
the ring has been missing for some time- she doesn't know  what happened to
it-  anyway, any ideas on who was with her? she felt it was from the fairy
realm, perhaps?

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