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Subject: Re: ireland earth lights
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Date: 17 Jan 2003 18:32

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i'm very interested in ley lines in Ireland. What are they exactly?  I've 
only heard of them once before in a horror book. good story, but he really 
didn't explain or go in to detail about the ley lines. there was a town set 
on a ley line and horrible things happened.  i became interested more in 
trying to figure out the ley lines than the story.  I myself saw a set of 
mystery lights here in good old kansas over a month ago. there were four and 
they appeared, circled and traveleing in some sort of pattern and continued 
moving for about twenty minutes and then disappeared. it was a cloudy, and 
windy night. the strange thing was that when the lights disappeared the sky 
cleared and then the wind began to really howl that night. I tried to find 
someone else who witnessnessed this, many others saw it and called the news 
station.......please reply/ 

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