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Subject: Re: (unknown)
From: "Robertson Harpsichords" <tsrobert@...>
Date: 23 Nov 2002 23:27

 I was fortunate to see and film the Marfa lights about a week ago.
  Does anyone know where I can find a documentary on this subject for sale?

I noticed that there seemed to be a general pattern to the movement and
color of these lights. There were some exceptions.  And I only saw them over
one night so perhaps the next day the pattern might be different.

What I noticed through binoculars and recorded on videotape  was:

1) the white lights were always either stationary or moved to the right.

2) the dimmer red lights always moved to the left if they moved at all

3)A white light would originate near the left top of the mountain range and
move on a gentle, straight downward sloping line to another location near
the lower right. Then this light would disappear along the way on and off.
when it reached the end of the line it would disappear for good and then
become a red light that continued to retrace the path of the white light up
and back to where the white light had originated .  This cycle would take
about 15 minutes approx. so the lights were moving slowly. The red lights
appeared to travel approx. the same speed as a white light and the red
would either momentarily merge with other white lights that were passing or
pass through/ behind  them.

4) more than one light would originate at the "starting point"  in the upper
left part of the line so that there would be differently spaced white lights
travelling together at "random?" spacings between them.

5) sometimes the white lights would suddenly for clusters of other lights
around them.

6) Sometimes other lights would just pop up in various locations and some
would stay stationary for long durations of about an hour.

7) the highest number of lights were seen generally before sunset, about an
hour after sunset, and right at dawn and after dawn.

8) When Driving to one side of the other on the highway, the mountains and
houses and other physical objects would be passed by and out of view yet I
could still see the lights appearing directly in my field of view. What I am
trying to say is that they did not appear to be in the same location
distance wise as the houses or mountains but rather farther away.  Since it
takes more driving distance to put a far object out of view as opposed to a
near object. Essentially what I saw is similar to what one sees as they
drive along a highway and watch the moon ,  it looks as if the moon has the
appearance of "following the car" since it is so distant compared to
terrestrial objects.  The Marfa lights too seemed to "follow the car" as if
they were very distant objects, yet I cannot understand how this could be
accomplished since these lights were below the horizon and thus viewed
always as if they were in front of the mountains. This does not make seem
practical because how could the light from something so distant be seen to
appear in from of a more near mountain range.  I could see how this could
occur if the Marfa light were being bent as a distant projection. An
unusually curved light path?
It is as if the mystery  lights  emanate  from an unknown and very distant
source behind the mountains.

9) when driving on the highway to the east there comes a point where the
lights are no longer visible. Then after turning the car around and driving
back in the other direction, they become visible again. -very curious . Also
they disappear as one gets close to them or so I have heard so that if one
flies up to these lights in a helicopter there is a point reached where the
lights disappear.  Further making their study difficult.  And suggesting
that they are not physical objects. floating in the air.

If anyone has experience with these lights and would like to collaborate
observations, etc. I'm all ears..


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