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Subject: Fwd = UFO UpDate: Fireball Phenomena & Associated Festival In Thailand
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Date: 24 Oct 2002 01:43

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Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Fireball Phenomena & Associated Festival In Thailand
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Subject: Fireball Phenomena & Associated Festival In Thailand

I first noticed this item on a flight from China today.
Bill Chalker
Here is the curio ex the Bangkok Post today:

More than 800 fireballs rise from Mekong 

Nong Khai boosted by 400,000 visitors 

The annual Bang Fai Phaya Nark festival, in which mysterious 
fireballs rise from the Mekong river, proved a resounding 
success this year, drawing around 400,000 visitors to Nong Khai 
and injecting more than 50 million baht into the local economy.

At the height of the four-day festival on Monday night, a total 
of 829 fireballs were reported to have been seen from several 
riverbanks throughout the northeastern province, said the local 
radio centre.

Most of the fireballs were seen by around 200,000 spectators 
packed into Rattana Wapi sub-district, where 483 spheres of 
light were reported to have risen from the river.

The second most popular viewing points were Phon Phisai 
district, where about 100,000 people witnessed 188 fireballs, 
and Bung Kan district, where a crowd of similar proportions saw 
86 flaming orbs.

In other areas: 62 fireballs were witnessed by 5,000 people in 
Pak Khad district; seven were seen by 3,300 in Sangkhom 
district; and three were spotted by 3,000 in Bung Khong Long.

All hotels and guesthouses in Nong Khai were fully booked in 
advance of the festival, said Mongkhol Sirorattanarangsi, 
president of the provincial chamber commerce.

The fireball event is an unexplained phenomenon that generally 
takes place on the full moon night of the 11th lunar month, 
which also coincides with the end of the Buddhist Lent.

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