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Subject: Fwd = UFO UpDate: EMBLA 2002 - Hessdalen Optical & Ground Survey
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Date: 10 Oct 2002 11:56

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Original Subject: UFO UpDate: EMBLA 2002 - Hessdalen Optical & Ground Survey
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Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 20:05:07 +0200
Subject: EMBLA 2002 - Hessdalen Optical & Ground Survey

Massimo Teodorani, Ph.d astrophysicist has released his
report 'EMBLA 2002 - An Optical and Ground Survey in Hessdalen'.

This report presents the results from the August 2002 field 
expedition in Hessdalen, Norway, a joint collaboration between 
Italian and Norwegian scientists in order to study the 
unidentified light phenomenona reoccuring in the valley.

The high-energy plasma hypothesis has been considerably weakened 
from this years optical measurements and analysis of light 
distribution, which suggests two possible interpretations:

1) A silicon electro-heated ball-lightning -like 'lightball' 
which can optically simulate a solid (object).

2) A uniformly illuminated solid (object).

Also, results from ground analysis where the light phenomena has 
been observed close to the ground is presented. Very light above 
normal radioactive detection could be made, target sample was 
taken from this source and analysis revealed the presence of a 
perculiar and somewhat anomalous spheroidal iron particle.

The complete report can be found at:

For more information:


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