Mysterylights Group Message 0223

Subject: Message 0223
From: "Albert Budden" <buddenemf@...>
Date: 27 Aug 2002 16:16

Teodorani seems to have been reading too much science fiction. Even 
phenomena that are so obviously earth-related he has to link up to ETs by a 
tortuous set of ideas that he states like a belief system. The Hessdalen 
lights have nothing whatsoever to do with ET visitation! They are a product 
of the MW transmissiions from the many military bases around the area. They 
are created by intermodulation effects as interactions between two or more 
fields. Try analysing the immediate environment and locations and 
establishments around the area. This is more revealing than theories about 
"galactic migration". This is sheer fantasy. Albert Budden. See

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