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Subject: Re: "UP" Paulding Mystery Light
From: Tina Berchiatti <berchiatti@...>
Date: 16 Aug 2002 06:55

Thanks for the input....yes a very interesting story
to tell....Will never forget it!
--- Barbara Huyser <barb@...> wrote:
> Tina, 
> It sounds like you had a rather frightening
> encounter
> with some witches, just as Fion suggested.  Don't be
> worrying about anyone casting a spell on you.  It
> doesn't work that why.  I have friends who are
> Wiccan
> and they don't indulge in that sort of thing.  There
> is this thing they call the three-fold law.  When
> engaging in any invocation of power, if it is for
> good, the good returns to you three times over.  If
> it
> is invoked for evil, the evil returns to you three
> times over.  To seek any kind of revenge or to
> impose
> a negative consequence on anyone who stumbled across
> a
> circle would come back to the circle three times as
> bad as what they would inflict on someone else.  If
> you had stumbled across a group of people playing
> with
> satan worship, no one would be wearing white.  You
> are
> safe.  But you have got quite a story to tell
> friends
> at a cocktail party!
> Barb Huyser

Tina Berchiatti

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