Mysterylights Group Message 0219

Subject: Re: "UP" Paulding Mystery Light
From: Barbara Huyser <barb@...>
Date: 15 Aug 2002 06:35


It sounds like you had a rather frightening encounter
with some witches, just as Fion suggested.  Don't be
worrying about anyone casting a spell on you.  It
doesn't work that why.  I have friends who are Wiccan
and they don't indulge in that sort of thing.  There
is this thing they call the three-fold law.  When
engaging in any invocation of power, if it is for
good, the good returns to you three times over.  If it
is invoked for evil, the evil returns to you three
times over.  To seek any kind of revenge or to impose
a negative consequence on anyone who stumbled across a
circle would come back to the circle three times as
bad as what they would inflict on someone else.  If
you had stumbled across a group of people playing with
satan worship, no one would be wearing white.  You are
safe.  But you have got quite a story to tell friends
at a cocktail party!

Barb Huyser

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