Mysterylights Group Message 0218

Subject: Re: "UP" Paulding Mystery Light
From: Tina Berchiatti <berchiatti@...>
Date: 15 Aug 2002 06:06

Wow!!!!  I never thought of Witches.  Thanks for
getting back to me right away.  I did see footprints
on the walking path....but where they were there was
no sign of anything....kinda spooky. 

Well, hopefully they didn't put a spell on us...he he
he!!!  It was such an adrenalin rush that I can wait
to go back, unfortunetly, I'm about 11 hours away so
it will have to be next years vaca.

If you hear anymore, or if someone else has spoke of
those people ....please share my email, so that I can
hear about it all.

Thanks and have a great day!
--- Fionn Quinlan <eirecd@...> wrote:
> That sounds to me like a coven of witches. They
> usually do stuff like that, the one with the black
> being the leader. They tend to sit in groups making
> a 'magic circle' chanting and making spells. They
> worship the natural world and there are many
> ordinary people who call themselves witches. You can
> do a search on the web and find a bunch of stuff
> about them.
> These people are just a group of crackpots attracted
> by the light too. They may have some rugs under
> them. Also they could be fastidious about cleaning
> up their tracks after this event (some of them being
> a secretive lot).  You say you didn't see the tracks
> but actually they could have taken another more
> secretive route. Perhaps it's private land and they
> don't want to be discovered. 
>  Anyway if you didn't see any tracks what about your
> own tracks or tracks of other people, how would u
> know who was who?? 
> Sounds scary though........................
>  Tina Berchiatti wrote:On Friday, August 9, 2002, my
> husband, 2 friends and 3
> kids....took off from our camp site late at night to
> discover the Paulding Light.  When we arrived, there
> were tons of cars and alot of young people drinking
> beer just hanging out.  We talked to a few and all
> were standing in front of the gate that stops you
> from
> driving up there.   Right when we got there the
> light
> was very bright and looked like a
> was
> white but started changing to red.  I was very
> interested in it and thought maybe it was a
> we started walking past the gate over the stream
> (you
> have to walk on slippery rocks)....then proceeded
> down
> the long, dark dirt road.  Myself, one friend and
> one
> of the kids walked further, we got to a turn in the
> road going we were walking up we heard
> some chanting, we discovered 6 people dressed up in
> white cloth robes with cone white hats and one of
> them
> were in all black robes and a black cone
> KKK!!!!  We were so scared we walked by them and
> then
> decided that we should turn around and find our
> group
> and get the hell out of we were going
> by,
> I think we disturbed them....they weren't real happy
> with us.  We got just past them and heard some
> footprints in the woods, we turned around and saw
> one
> of them in the woods following us and saying stuff
> we
> had no idea what it we kept on walking
> faster and faster, with the kid crying and us adults
> scared out of our wits.  Finally, we turned around
> and
> told him/her to leave us alone and that the little
> girl is very scared and we weren't trying to bother
> them.  He ended up leaving and we got back to our
> car
> just fine but very scared.
> We all went back to the camp site and I found myself
> wanting to go back to see what was going on.  So 3
> of
> us went back very late....hardly anyone was
> there....we walked to where those people were but
> everyone was gone, no trace of them...not even foot
> prints in the dirt were they where.  That kind a
> freaked me out because I saw them with my own
> could there be no prints
> anywhere....NONE
> going either way....they were all sitting in a
> circle
> would think that there would be
> prints
> of them being there but absolutely
> nothing.....AMAZING!!!!!  It was only about 1 1/2
> hours after we where there the first time.  We still
> saw the mysterious beautiful light....but no
> people....I don't know who they were but it was very
> scary...and I can't wait to go back!!!  If anyone
> has
> seen these people or know anything about it could
> you
> please email with your story.  Thanks for
> listening!!!
> berchiatti@...
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> Tina Berchiatti
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Tina Berchiatti

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