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Subject: Ball lightning in Leicester

Leicester Mercury,
31 July 2002



An 11-year-old girl was struck by lightning as she sat on the sofa of her
living room.

Jade Greenwood was sitting with her grandmother, great grandmother and
sister when the glowing red ball of lightning struck her on the head.

Jade said she was left with a faint red mark and felt as though someone
had pinched her hard on the forehead and then on the leg.

Experts say the family may have experienced the phenomenon known as ball
lightning or St Elmo's Fire.

The lightning struck at the Wigston home of Jade's grandmother, Jacqui,
during the height of Monday's storms at 6.30pm.

Jacqui said: "We were all sat on the couch. The patio doors were open and
we had the front door open as well.

"Suddenly this red ball, with what looked like sparks coming from it, came
in and went through the house.

"The charger for my electric wheelchair came on, a battery operated
electrical game came on and a bouncy ball with a flashing spark inside
started lighting up. It was gone within a couple of seconds and there was
this almighty bang. Afterwards, there was a slight burning smell and we
saw Jade was left with a red mark on her head."

Jade added: "It was just a massive shock. I felt like someone had pinched
me really hard.

"I felt a slight burn on my head and then it felt like someone had set my
leg on fire. I had two metal clips in my hair and was the only one of us 
wearing metal, so I think that is why it was attracted to me."

Mr Greenwood treated the singe with ice and took her grand-daughter to the
doctor yesterday.

Professor David Llewellyn-Jones, an expert in atmospheric physics at
Leicester University's Earth Observation Sciences department, said what
the family had seen appeared consistent with ball lightning.

He said: "You get a build-up of electrical field around various objects,
often just before a lightning strike.

"It's capable of ionizing the atmosphere which can result in a glow. It's
relatively rare and it is often known as St Elmo's Fire.''

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