Mysterylights Group Message 0213

Subject: Re: More about Marfa
From: "sandygaither" <sandygaither@...>
Date: 05 Jul 2002 01:10

--- In mysterylights@y..., "M. Adams" <electroquake@y...> wrote:
> Hi Sandy, 
> Yes those "auras" are almost always headlights coming
> up over a dip.  The headlights shine up as the car
> reaches the crest of the road. 
> The one that changed shape in a fluid sort of way
> sounds much more like the real thing.  Rotating is
> also  a good description of the real thing.  If it was
> larger than the others, it sounds like you may have
> been lucky enough to have seen one fairly close up!
> Do you recall what the weather was like that night? 
> What direction was it from the MLVA?
> M. Adams 
> --- sandygaither <sandygaither@y...> wrote:  I saw what must have 
been a REAL mystery light on the night of June 26th. There was very 
little wind, but there was lightning far off to the west/northwest. 
The sky was very clear at the MLVA & the stars were shining. Have you 
ever seen one of those glass table novelties that are filled with 
water, & some sort of colored oil(?) is in the water? When you move 
it the colored part makes different patterns in the water....this is 
as close as I can get to describing it, except that it also appeared 
to be slowly rotating. 
> > M. Adam:  After reading your message, I know what
> > you mean about the 
> > dips in the highway. On some of the 'lights' it
> > seemed I could see an 
> > aura like a half-circle before I saw the light &
> > just after seeing 
> > the light; these were probably headlights I saw
> > 'dipping' on the 
> > highway. However, I studied one light particularly
> > well because it 
> > did seem to change shape (in a 'fluid' sort of way).
> > I believe I 
> > expressed it as seeming to be rotating. This light
> > was much larger 
> > (or nearer?) than the others, and it stayed shining
> > for a long period 
> > of time compared to the others....I went 2 nights in
> > a row. The 
> > behavior of the lights was different on the 2nd
> > night from that of 
> > the 1st. I too have talked to the locals. One man
> > said his property 
> > is very near ours (Casa Piedra), and he has had the
> > lights come near 
> > him on his property. This man was about 30 yrs of
> > age & said he's 
> > lived there 17 years....Sandy
> > 
> > 
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