Mysterylights Group Message 0211

Subject: More about Marfa
From: "sandygaither" <sandygaither@...>
Date: 04 Jul 2002 01:14

M. Adam:  After reading your message, I know what you mean about the 
dips in the highway. On some of the 'lights' it seemed I could see an 
aura like a half-circle before I saw the light & just after seeing 
the light; these were probably headlights I saw 'dipping' on the 
highway. However, I studied one light particularly well because it 
did seem to change shape (in a 'fluid' sort of way). I believe I 
expressed it as seeming to be rotating. This light was much larger 
(or nearer?) than the others, and it stayed shining for a long period 
of time compared to the others....I went 2 nights in a row. The 
behavior of the lights was different on the 2nd night from that of 
the 1st. I too have talked to the locals. One man said his property 
is very near ours (Casa Piedra), and he has had the lights come near 
him on his property. This man was about 30 yrs of age & said he's 
lived there 17 years....Sandy

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