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Subject: Marfa Mystery Lights
From: "sandygaither" <sandygaither@...>
Date: 29 Jun 2002 03:32

I just saw the Marfa Mystery Lights on June 25th & 26th. They are 
located in the mountainous desert of far west Texas. No one can 
explain them. Not long ago, a team of Japanese scientists came to 
study them & could not find a scientific explanation. These lights 
are random in all ways & times. The shapes, hues, intensity,location, 
& movement of the lights all change at no set intervals. I talked to 
2 local residents who said that the lights had come up close to them. 
I observed the lights with the naked eye, through binoculars, & 
through a telescope. To me they appear to be pure light, but they 
also appear to have height, width, & depth. The lights are very 
beautiful. They have a round shape, though they are not circular; 
more like 'ovals', both standing up & lying on their side. The lights 
pulsate, fade away, then come back more brilliant. They sometimes 
move in pairs ( I saw 4 at one time). I observed one particular 
yellow light spinning slowly. There were also green lights & red 
lights....My husband just inherited some land that is due south & 
directly behind the old army base where the Marfa Mystery Lights are 
located. If anyone has any information on these lights, I would be 
very interested to know it....Thanks, sandygaither@...

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