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Subject: Message 0206
From: "Albert Budden" <buddenemf@...>
Date: 18 Jun 2002 15:17

I don't know if you know, but I wrote abook called "Allergies and Aliens- 
The Visitation Experience: An Environmental Health Problem (Discovery Times 
Press) in 1994. In it I expound for the first time many of the exact 
mechanisms responsible for a multitude of "haunting" phenomena and am now 
known generally for this approach in my subsequent books "Psychic Close 
Encounters" (Blandford) (re-issued twice since 1995) My most recent which 
deals with the EM nature of "hauntings" inc "poltergeists" is "Electric 
UFOs-Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States" (Blandford Press. 
1998) This has now been re-issued as "Electric Skies". In 1994 I did a 
nationwide lecture tour expounding my field discoveries and I have appeared 
on many TV documentaries with the same message. Yes, there was some 
groundwark done by others, (notably Persinger and Devereux) but they have 
not identified the specific mechanisms at work, as I have in my books. eg. 
magnetostrictive and magnetoacoustic processes such as the Page effect. 
Albert Budden.

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