Mysterylights Group Message 0201

Subject: Budden's answer to William's answer.
From: "Albert Budden" <buddenemf@...>
Date: 11 Jun 2002 13:03

Well Mr Williams, I see from your so-called answer that you cannot answer a 
straight question and have concocted a great mixed up splurge of 
gobbledigook in the hope that it gets you out of anwering my simple and 
straight-forward questions. Your "answer" is unintelligible and wanders all 
over the shop. I see now what the simple answer is. You are a genuine 
Australian idiot! A babbler of the first degree. Someone who has no grasp of 
what I am talking about in my books. There is really no point trying 
tocommunicate with you any more. Basically what you don't like is the fact 
that I have shown that there is a mundane electromagnetic stimulus that 
drives alien abduction experiences, and you still want to cling onto the 
idea that real aliens are at work. You still have not answered my questions:

What was your methodology used for your field surveys? Never mind what you 
think I did or not do. What did you do?

What do you think that the TriField should do that it does Not? Your answer 
to this was a good laugh. It was a long stream of babble.

What is your conclusion as to the real nature of alien abduction 
experiences? This was not answered at all.

However, I can see now that you are incapable of answering in any 
intelligble way. I see too that you did not quote the part in Vallee's 
letter which said (quote) " Frankly, I was stunned at the elegance of your 
approach and somewhat peeved that I had not thought of it myself"  (from 
personal letter from Dr Jacques Vallee.

Funny that. How you did not mention it I mean. Williams- you are a fool of 
the first degree.

Albert Budden.

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