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Subject: Re: EMF
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 07 Jun 2002 08:30

Hey Barb


I checked the site out.very impressive.!!

> 3.  I have found cold spots associated with anomalous
> EM fields.  The temperature difference can be anywhere
> between 5 and 20 degrees below the surrounding area. 

odd drop,do you think that strange "thingys" are using the ambient 
temp/causing the temp drop etc?

> 4.  I have a theory about why these fields are colder
> than the surrounding air.  I have reviewed it with a
> Ph.D. level physicist and he said it was plausible
> (high praise from an academician).  When the
> electromagnetic field is in the air, it causes
> negative ions to discharge.  This causes the
> temperature to drop.  The stronger the field, the
> greater the temperature drop.  The cooler air causes
> the moisture within the air in the field to condense. 
> This gives the reflective surface that can be detected
> by the thermal scanner.  It also gives a reflective
> surface that allows the flash of light from a camera
> to reflect back into the lense when a photo is taken. 
> This is why we ghost hunters capture things on film
> that we do not see at the time.  The flash and
> reflection happens too fast for the human eye to
> perceive it as a discreet event.

Sounds pretty interesting,ever tried a UV radiometer-since 
panchromatic film is UV sensitive outside the 380 nanometres
of human vision.The radiometer might give someone a shot at locating 
the UV source.


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