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Subject: Re: EMF
From: Barbara Huyser <barb@...>
Date: 3 Jun 2002 07:20


You are right, there is little documentation among
paranormal investigators about cold spots and
anomalous electromagnetic fields.  A lot of what is on
websites is intended for entertainment rather than
research, as is the case with a lot of books.  Even in
my own website, I've not included detail about the
strength of an EM field or the temperature I found
within it.  I have included that information on the
website for a recent investigation.  There is a lot of
this kind of detail in the book I have coming out this
fall.  For anyone who would like to see information
about this investigation of paranormal activity in a
rural cemetery in Illinois, please visit:

As for finding cold spots associated with paranormal
EM fields, I have observed the following:

1.  The fields are difficult to locate outdoors
because of the open area.  I have used thermal
scanners to locate cold spots outdoors, but
determining exactly where they are is difficult
because there can be a whole lot of open space out
there.  In the case of the example cited above, we did
find a cold spot with high EMF readings in a cemetery.

2.  I have had greater success in locating anomalous
EM fields indoors.  I have found them both by using a
TriField meter or other EMF detector and by using a
thermal scanner followed up with an EMF detector.

3.  I have found cold spots associated with anomalous
EM fields.  The temperature difference can be anywhere
between 5 and 20 degrees below the surrounding area. 
I have confirmed temperature differences using both
thermal scanners and standard digital thermometers. 
the limitation of a the digital thermometer is that
the fields move and often do not stay in one place
long enough to capture the full temperature
difference.  This means I need better equipment. 
Maybe after the book comes out, I'll be able to afford

4.  I have a theory about why these fields are colder
than the surrounding air.  I have reviewed it with a
Ph.D. level physicist and he said it was plausible
(high praise from an academician).  When the
electromagnetic field is in the air, it causes
negative ions to discharge.  This causes the
temperature to drop.  The stronger the field, the
greater the temperature drop.  The cooler air causes
the moisture within the air in the field to condense. 
This gives the reflective surface that can be detected
by the thermal scanner.  It also gives a reflective
surface that allows the flash of light from a camera
to reflect back into the lense when a photo is taken. 
This is why we ghost hunters capture things on film
that we do not see at the time.  The flash and
reflection happens too fast for the human eye to
perceive it as a discreet event.

5.  The paranormal investigator has to know what he is
doing with the equipment to have valid research.  Many
folks out there are amateurs having fun.  

I welcome feedback on these theories.  The more we
debate, the more we inspire new thought.  If I don't
have it right, maybe somebody else will figure it out
and give us the breakthrough we are looking for.


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