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Subject: More About the Lights...
From: "piment0" <kellyrama@...>
Date: 27 May 2002 01:42

My experience might be the hardest to recall, only because I have 
only started telling people about it recently, even though it 
happened over 10 years ago.
I was scared that people would think that I was crazy or just merely 
having a dream about the light. I was absolutely awake during the 
event, a knocked down lamp and nightstand the next morning was proof 
to that. My experience happened in my bedroom, located in the 
basement of my parents home. My room was interesting for the fact 
that I could receive the best radio reception without the aid of any 
extra equipment. It was not unusual to get the taxie driver radio on 
my radio on a Saturday night.
My bed at the time was located right underneath a large window, my 
head being nearest to it.
I do not remember the exact time it happened, but to my amazement I 
saw a glowing staticky ball at the foot of my bed. It was the size of 
a dodgeball (roughly 25 cm) and it was a brilliant blue colour. It 
made no sound and it was about 5 feet from the ground. As I tried to 
focus on it, it began to move over me and out the window! This 
episode lasted only about 20 seconds, but it was enough time for me 
to decide to reach for the lamp on the bedside table. Unfortunately 
the lamp and table fell over. I stood up, quite shaken and turned my 
closet light on and left it on for the remainder of the night.
Thats about all I can remember now, its not alot of detail, possibly 
because I kept it to myself all of these years.

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