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                Ball Lightning - Kugelblitz - Boules de Feu
            Fireballs, Geophysical Meteors, or Rocket Lightning.

            Ball Lightning event Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
                               1st Feb. 2002

   Updated  :  21st  May  2002  -  Seven  other  witnesses found so far -
   providing  remarkable  observations.  Distance covered - approx. 12km.
   Initially it's velocity was approx. 720kph and had a 'Corona' diameter
   of  at  least  125 feet and divided on impact into smaller balls "with
   interconnecting  colour  to  give  almost  the impression of part of a
   necklace or string of beads"....For Full Update scroll down page.


   1  *  It  first  appeared  somewhere  over the Wantirna South area and
   appears  to  have  touched  down  atleast  twice  'bouncing'  12km  to
   Blackburn.  It  seems  that  it disintegrated a little each time as it
   struck  obstacles  while  trying  to  follow  the terrain horizontally
   westwards - even it seems rising over higher land. Initially it had an
   outer Orange/Red diameter of 125 - 150 feet.

   2  **  It now appears likely that its first impact point triggered, or
   was  simultaneous  with  the large jaggered strike that is captured in
   the  next frame on the roll. I seem to recall the motordrive advancing
   the film quite soon after the event and then immediately realeasing it
   again by puffer cable release. [1pixeltransparent.gif] It (or at least
   part of it) appears to have clipped trees with a huge bang killing one
   medium  sized tree and slightly damaging another in Vermont. After the
   bang,  a large (30m) Orange glowing light persisted among one grove of
   trees  for  about  5  seconds.  It  then dimmed slowly over a few more
   seconds  before  disappearing completely. "The light had a strangeness
   about  it  ,  but looked something like as if a flare had been lit . I
   nearly hit the roof when it struck", said Paul Maher.

   3  ***  During  the  second  stage  of  its  journey  it  was observed
   consisting  of  four  spheres  in  line. The second was possibly a bit
   smaller  with  two  smaller ones again following closely in train with
   perhaps  a  short  tail  at the end " to give almost the impression of
   part  of  a necklace or string of beads. They were connected by colour
   and  lightning"  said J.S. "They appeared Gold/Yellow at their centres
   with dimmer Orange/Red flashing corona around them. As with me, it was
   also  observed  as not being connected by lightning either to cloud or
   ground and moving quite fast.

   4   ****  It  was  briefly  glimpsed  passing  over  the  vicinity  of
   Nunnawading  Station  -  with another loud bang occuring. Very roughly
   estimated diameter of Orange glow about 40 feet (12m) and height of 30
   - 40 feet. The witness a few blocks away thought that a petrol station
   had exploded.

   5  *****  It was seen 'rolling' off a railway embankment at Blackburn.
   Its  tail  still extended up the slope (approx 20 ft) when it seems to
   have contacted a metal BBQ plate and disappeared instantly with a very
   loud  bang  leaving  no trace. The Yellow ball was estimated to be one
   metre wide and filling the backyard in an Orange/Red glow.

   6  ******  The relationship between the BL and the lightning strike it
   appears  connected  to  in the photo remains a mystery. I believe they
   are  most  likely to be connected however some scientists suggest that
   they   are  possibly  not  -  while  some  Physicists  and  Electrical
   Engineeers  say  it  is consistant with their previously held theories
   that  an electrical discharge initiates the BL. ( Frustratingly, I can
   only  recall  the  ball 'brightening' and not the stroke itself or how
   long before it took place).

   7  *******  From  other  reports  I've gathered there were possibly at
   least  three seperate Ball Lightning events if not several during this
   storm. I'm still following up some reports but more are wanted.

   A "Green with brighter centre"  one  was  seen  in  an area 10 km N/W 
   of the Wantirna and was reported  from  an  observer  at Kangaroo 
   Ground Tower and is possibly  what was also observed by a Qantas 767 
   pilot inbound to Melbourne. Not discounting a typical 'green' power 
   grid strike but it appears there was an airborne sphere that descended.

   A  third  one  -  White  /  Silver - was seen
   skimming the roof of a house in Brighton (12 km away) and heading west
   at about the same time.

   Fireball / Ball Lightning phenomena is so
   fascinating  and  extraordinary  and yet Melbourne related events have
   apparently  recieved  little  or  no documentation. It's also of great
   scientific   interest   worldwide.  I'm  also  collecting  older  past
   sightings  in  Melbourne to perhaps reveal how often these events have
   been seen, however many must actually go unobserved.

   [1pixeltransparent.gif] Had I not caught this one on film I doubt that
   the  accounts of the witnesses found would ever have come to light and
   have been linked together.

   [1pixeltransparent.gif]  Other BL events this past summer 2001 / 2002 :

   [1pixeltransparent.gif] I have also recieved reports of six other Ball
   Lightning  events  in  Melbourne this summer bringing it to a total of
   nine apparent seperate events so far. And these are only the ones that
   have mostly by chance found their way to me.

   [1pixeltransparent.gif]  Plus  from  the  same  area  I've  had  a few
   accounts  of  mystery electricaly charged 'bombs' falling from the sky
   in  mild  weather  conditions  -  all of them White and crackling with
   electricity  and  having  a  loud  'incoming' sound that some who know
   describe  as  "just  like  the V-2 rockets made in the war". I've read
   other  accounts of this happening in other countries. It seems strange
   but,  their  origins may yet prove to be terrestial or semi-terrestial
   with very long distances involved or are of true meteor like nature.

   [1pixeltransparent.gif]  Email  me  (  or  phone 03 9712-0002) of your
   sighting if you would like to have them recorded.

   [1pixeltransparent.gif] I've also had 3 seperate accounts of lightning
   entering  peoples  homes  (in strange shapeless plasma like states and
   not  ball  like)  apparently  passing  through glass doors and windows
   without  breaking  them (but perhaps through cracks ?). In one case it
   entered  a  Newsagent's  shop  " rapidly running down the glass window
   like  a  sheet  on  the  outside, under the half open sliding door and
   beneath/around  a  customers feet " - he felt nothing - and finally to
   cables under the counter.

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