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Subject: Re: Hard Science at Marfa
From: "Don Kreinbrink" <dkbrnk@...>
Date: 28 Mar 2002 07:29

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Subject: [mysterylights] Hard Science at Marfa

> is the only bit of hard science I have been able to find about Marfa 
> on the Web after a months of scrounging.

The following link offers some level headed observations and opinions regarding the Marfa Lights.

> a gaggle of tourists gazed to the Southwest at car lights progressing 
> through the Chinati Mountains and were quite pleased to have 
> experienced the "Lights." Having spent my formative years in the same 
> desert I found THOSE lights to be somewhat odd, but definitely not the 
> stuff of legend. The above link [ ] may 
> very well explain THAT "phenomenon," but does NOT cover the real 
> Marfa Lights.
> Occam's Razor is a scientific rule of thumb first stated in the Middle 
> Ages (I think) that basically says that the simplest explanation is 
> the best one. For there to be two phenomena at Marfa is a clear 
> cut violation of this.

There may be two phenomena at Marfa.  The spooklight locations I have visited all seem to offer[...]

Don Kreinbrink

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