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Subject: Re: Marfa/Min Min
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 20 Mar 2002 05:40

Hi Barb

> These phenomena all seem to be associated with
> electromagnetic energy.  Otherwise, all of us running
> around with TriField meters and other EMF detectors
> would have abandoned them long ago. 

Sure.But, people like Budden tend to use reductionistic
"science" and ascribe ALL balls of light/anomalous experiences
<since many seem to be electrically based/related> as just earth 
fields/man made fields causing the experiences.
re the tri-field, I have one for years and so far found very little 
of interest.
when the tri set on mag/elect was going off I could capture nothing 
odd on film/video, and when the tri was quiet I have captured odd 
looking shapes.A better indicator in my limited use, was a geiger 
counter,using ired film.
Re the ac mag field detector, many people dont seem to realise that 
anywhere yo go, you will inevitably pick up "loose" ,free 
charges "just passing by".I have found something was twisting the ac 
field out from the wall , which wasreading of 5 milligauss, and 
turning it into 25 milli about 3 metres away.
Damn if it wasnt gone the following week , and damn if I couldnt get 
anything odd on film/video at the time.

Will I ever be embarrassed if it turns out
> that the photos I've been taking in cemeteries that
> show what appear to be glowing balls of light aren't
> ghosts after all, but an interdimensional life form? 

Great point.!!!
Thats the very question I have asked people.
If I use a hypothetical area which has no historical records at all 
of death/intense emotions etc, and yet can capture the EXACT same 
photos that 'ghost hunters" claim are ghosts, what does that mean.

> Or some form of naturally occurring EMF?

How do you tell the difference between an<exotic> naturally occurring 
emf and an anomalous one.

> There is solid science behind the earth lights theory
> in some locations.  

sure is

But it isn't the only answer.  I
> suspect the answer lies somewhere in quantum physics
> and I probably won't be able to wrap my brain around
> it when it is found.

If "they" cannot explain<or prove> the idea you are alluding too, so 
that people like you and I can understand it, then you can bet, they 
dont know what they are talking about. ;)


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