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Subject: Re: Marfa/Min Min
From: Barbara Huyser <barb@...>
Date: 19 Mar 2002 06:09


Once again you make the important point:

"Many people forget that because some lights are
"explained" as "earth lights" which are linked with
geological conditions,doesnt mean that 
ALL anomalous lights = earth light, and I am not
talking about ET type stuff.

If the basketball shaped light appears in a graveyard,
ghost hunters will go "look, a ghost",if the same
light appears a few metres above the ground in a
paddock, a cattle farmer will go,"look, a Min Min"/and
if you move the same light into the night
sky, at say 30 metres, UFO bufs will go ,"look a UFO".

So which is right?"

These phenomena all seem to be associated with
electromagnetic energy.  Otherwise, all of us running
around with TriField meters and other EMF detectors
would have abandoned them long ago.  The causes of the
EMF can be different, but the appearance of the
phenomenon is much the same.  It is much like having
watery eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing.  You may have
a cold or you could have allergies.  Same symptoms,
but totally different causes.  

We have to nail down the symptoms and sort out the
causes.  Will I ever be embarrassed if it turns out
that the photos I've been taking in cemeteries that
show what appear to be glowing balls of light aren't
ghosts after all, but an interdimensional life form? 
Or some form of naturally occurring EMF?

There is solid science behind the earth lights theory
in some locations.  But it isn't the only answer.  I
suspect the answer lies somewhere in quantum physics
and I probably won't be able to wrap my brain around
it when it is found.


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