Mysterylights Group Message 0163

Subject: Re: To Dr. John Derr
From: Frits Westra <fwestra@...>
Date: 19 Mar 2002 10:40

Hello Mike,

FYI, John Derr may have been mentioned on this list, but I'm
quite sure that he's not subscribed to Mysterylights.

BTW, which measuring equipment will you use at your Marfa
monitoring site?

Frits Westra

On 19th March 2002, wrote:

  >Message: 5 Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:50:23 -0000 
  >From: "vamphincest" <panhead@...> 
  >Subject: To Dr. John Derr

  >I saw your name in a message here. I am going to hire your
  >colleague Marsha Adams ASAP to organize a Marfa monitoring
  >site and anything else I can get her to do with the funds

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