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Subject: Marfa/Min Min
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 19 Mar 2002 02:21


> Occam's Razor is a scientific rule of thumb first stated in the 
Middle > Ages (I think) that basically says that the simplest 
explanation is > the best one. 

Actually, its a philosophical rule of thumb.
"Sceptics" use it to shave off anomalous ideas/reports ect that grow 
in places. ;)

> cut violation of this. However a close reading of Min Min accounts 
> from the Australian desert suggests as much--electromagnetic 
phenomena > combined with visual ones in close proximity to each 

I live in Australia, and have ventured out several times
into the desert looking for and videoing lights/interviewing 
witnesses etc about the Min Min lights.
As I have pointed out before in this forum.
When you start getting report after report from 
sheepshearers/kangaroo shooters etc of Min Min lights doing the 
following you end up with a problem with Min Min = <simple> earth 
The lights can move in groups and follow/chase a car for up to 20  
minutes-they can move away from an approaching observer, and then 
move towards, when the observer retreats<mans magnetic field is to 
tiny to effect the light at 30+ metres>, the lights can be shot at 
with a .22 and remain,yet vanish when fired at with a  .303 
Many people forget that because some lights are "explained" as "earth 
lights" which are linked with geological conditions, doesnt mean that 
ALL anomalous lights = earth light, and I am  not talking about ET 
type stuff.
If the basketball shaped light appears in a graveyard, ghost hunters 
will go "look, a ghost",if the same light appears a few metres above 
the ground in a paddock, a cattle farmer will go ,"look, a Min 
Min"/and if you move the same light into the night sky, at say 30 
metres, UFO bufs will go ,"look a UFO".
So which is right?
I am interested how hard core EL proponents would explain the 
A light appears , which is about the size of a small car,stops about 
10 metres above a small dam,sucks up water into itself for about 5 
minutes and then leaves.This is in front of about 30 local 
Occams would have to say fraud wouldnt it. !
Because it doesnt fit.
And thats a tame report.!


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