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Subject: Hard Science at Marfa
From: "vamphincest" <panhead@...>
Date: 19 Mar 2002 01:04

I know I am flooding this poor list, but this:

is the only bit of hard science I have been able to find about Marfa 
on the Web after a months of scrounging. It turned up today.

When I first visited Marfa a local quietly told me that the real Marfa 
lights were to the Southeast of the veiwing area. This occurred while 
a gaggle of tourists gazed to the Southwest at car lights progressing 
through the Chinati Mountians and were quite pleased to have 
experienced the "Lights." Having spent my formative years in the same 
desert I found THOSE lights to be somewhat odd, but definitely not the 
stuff of legend. The above link may very well explain THAT 
"phenomenon," but does NOT cover the real Marfa Lights.

Occam's Razor is a scientific rule of thumb first stated in the Middle 
Ages (I think) that basically says that the simplest explanation is 
the best one. For there to be two phenomena at Marfa is a clear 
cut violation of this. However a close reading of Min Min accounts 
from the Australian desert suggests as much--electromagnetic phenomena 
combined with visual ones in close proximity to each other.

On my way here to the tropics I saw a light at the Marfa viewing area 
to the Southeast in the early morning hours. I beleive it was the REAL 
Marfa Lights, but cannot exclude the possibility of a camper armed 
with a flashlight answering nature's call. There were people camping 
beyond the wire the first time I went to Marfa. Nevertheless it sure 
didn't look like that. 

The one thing I have apprehended from my plunge into this general area 
over the last half decade is that mainstream science will grasp at the 
first plausible straw, no matter how patently bogus, when confronted 
with the anything anomalous that contradicts the prevailing paradigm. 
However this does not mean I am about to throw out the baby with the 
bathwater and embrace everything that is heretical. You can keep your 
aliens. Why would such fantasies choose to visit this planet of the 
apes and abduct us idiots?

Michael Grace

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