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Subject: Re: Re,country of origin
From: "vamphincest" <panhead@...>
Date: 18 Mar 2002 14:02

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> Hi
> which countries have the most anomalous light phenomena/earth light 
> cases happening.

My guess would be England in terms of number per square mile. 
Though this may be an artefact from Deveraux and my own 
preference for reading in English. Hessdalen, Norway back in the '80's 
sure was hopping. I can't find any here in Costa Rica. Earth lights 
sites are also reported in the US, USSR, Australia, Canada, France and 
I heard some pretty incredible eyewitness accounts near Mt. Aconcagua 
in Argentina/Chile though those were much higher in the sky than the 

I am particularly interested in knowing if tropical regions are 
subject to ALP's beyond ball lightning. If they aren't then this would 
probably support a VLF connection. I can't pick up any whistlers here.

Mike G

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