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Subject: will 'o the wisps
From: Mike Riccobono <deadhead842@...>
Date: 17 Mar 2002 17:47

When I brought up the subject my dad told me he once
had an encounter with will 'o the wisps - that seems
to prove what is their cause. It goes like this:
I was voluntarily working at Nobe Bosco (a nearby boy
scout camp in NY)on the sewage system.  They've been
having a lot of problems with it so i decided to go
fix it myself. I was a pretty crappy night, on-off
storms. I had several man hole covers off, and was
partly in one of them fixing some plumbing. Suddenly,
about 50 feet away lightening struck a tree.
Immediately several large, bluish, waving "flames"
sort of danced by the tree for a couple seconds. The
largest was about half the hight of the tree.
Immediately I left (he's terrified of lightning)."

He believes the methane, coming out of one of the open
manhole covers, was ignited by the lightning strike.
Methane does also commonly form in swamps, proving why
most sightings occur in them. But this theory cannot
explain why they are said to receed as they are
approached, but lights do seem that way, and of course
stories always have a little extra added on. Also, i
dont beleive lightning usually strikes before a will
'o the wisp sighting, so there must be some other for
of ignition. 
Does this make any sense? Or is what he saw unrelated?
                                       -Mike Riccobono

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