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Subject: OT Fwd = Nine Free Issues of Microwave News
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Date: 13 Mar 2002 11:06

Yes, this is off-topic, but interesting for those into EM:

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Original Subject: Nine Free Issues of MWN
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Dear Colleague, 

There are now nine complete issues of Microwave News available to all at no
charge on our Web site: 

Why are we giving them away? We want you to be better informed. Once you
have read them, we think you will agree that there is no better source of
accurate information on health and EMFs, RF and microwaves and other types
of non-ionizing radiation. We believe you will then want to join us as a

We also hope you will fill out your collection of Microwave News by buying
one or more of the four five-year bound volumes. Yes, we have been doing
this for more than 20 years! 

See our special offer on the back page of any of the nine issues. You can
save at least $100 on bound volumes of Microwave News. 

This is a limited time offer. So act now! 
Sincerely, Louis Slesin 
Editor & Publisher 
P.S. Want to know more about what you'll be reading? Here are a few

September/October 2001 
* IEEE Drafts Major Revision of RF/MW Human Exposure Limits * NCRP Halts
Revision of RF Standard 
* WHO EMF Project Now Endorses Policy of Prudent Avoidance
* Japanese Leave Little Doubt 12 mG Can Inhibit Melatonin Effect; Report
Progress Towards a Mechanism

May/June 2001 
* Maximum EMF Exposure Emerges As Strong Miscarriage Risk
* Angelos v. Wireless Industry: Class-Action Lawsuits Filed
* Electrosmog Embroils Italy; Vatican Told To Cut RF Emissions
* Congress Told Public Needs Better Info on Cell Phone Risks

January/February 2001 
* Mobile Phones, Cancer Not Linked in Two Short-Term Studies
* California EMF Survey Says 1,700 Classrooms Exceed 5 mG
* Senator Kennedy Seeks NAS-NRC Study of PAVE PAWS Radar
* German Study: More Eye Cancer Among Mobile Phone Users

September/October 2000
* Leading Epidemiologists See Childhood Leukemia Risk at 4 mG
* No Money for RF/MW Programs at EPA
* New Tests Show Hands-Free Sets Do Reduce SARs, But U.K. Consumer Group
Admits No Error
* EMF Exposure May Lead to Dramatic Change in Heart Rate
May/June 2000
* U.K. Panel Discourages Use of Mobile Phones by Children
* Strong Electric Fields Implicated in Major Leukemia Risk for Workers
* Exposure Limits Based on Precautionary Principle Stir Controversy in
* California Coastal Commission & Navy at Odds over Radar Facility
January/February 2000
* Switzerland Adopts Strict Limits for Cell Towers and Power Lines
* Views on the News: Harmonization vs. the Precautionary Principle
* Working on the Ground Floor: A Cancer Risk Factor? 
* NCRP Cuts Scientific Staff; Impact on NIR Reports Uncertain

September/October 1999
* "Consistent" Picture Emerges on EMFs and Childhood Leukemia
* Chinese Exposure Standard Is the Strictest
* New Cordless Phones: Higher Power, More Exposure
* Replication Attempt Finds No Support for Lai-Singh Work;
 Debate Continues Over DNA Damage from Microwaves
May/June 1999 
* Canada Panel: Nonthermal Effects Exist and Need Study 
* New Zealand Drops "Flat" RF/MW Limit; Australia in Limbo 
* Japan Set To Begin Childhood Cancer Epi Study 
* NAS-NRC Recommendations on EMF Research 

January/February 1999 
* Sony Recalls Phones that Exceed FCC RF/MW Limits 
* European Health Research Effort Planned; Wireless Industry To Pay Half
the Costs
* FCC Moves To Tighten Compliance Testing Methods
* Norway: New Probe of Birth Defects Cluster

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