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Subject: about Kelvin
From: "tuvpo" <andromeda@...>
Date: 12 Mar 2002 01:52

dear mike,
here is short description about measurement Kelvin degree.
I'm goint to mentioned other topics from you,as time permits.

If we develop a measurement sample profile together about Kelvin, we can understand better. The[...]

We both know the Kelvin degrees of sunlight or sun . And also we know that sunlight includes ma[...]

If we display (with good quality technical photo) sun with a filter showing only red or yellow([...]

The last thing to do is formulate and compare the spectral values of the other obtained photo, [...]
We, TUVPO, have got some of such measurement profiles prepared before. None of the profiles can[...]

The ALPs can be determined as a result of such complicated processes. But like a simple resourc[...]
I guess you know that I am having trouble as I am telling these to you in English, because I am[...]

I can say that preparing such profiles takes most of our time. The measurement process is the l[...]
As a result, I am a UFO related person, so do TUVPO.

The ALP study is a team-work and many scientists' (in various branches) participation is needed[...]


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