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Subject: Re: questions
From: "ozestrange" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 11 Mar 2002 05:46

Hi Erol

> firsty I want to know who are you.

I am a 42 "researcher" of the "unusual",call them fortean events if 
you like.
I have collected data/papers/books etc on the odd things of this 
planet for the last 30 years.
I have been doing "field" work investigating paranormal claims for 
the last 10 years, which often entailed camping,sometimes by myself 
in remote desert locations in order the capture balls of light on 
Plus I have produced audio documentaries for the Australian 
Broadcasting commission on the Ufo phenomena in this country.
As well as helping local tv/radio to find decent contacts in regards 
to stories regarding paranormal events etc.
I have no science qualifications at all,but.. I have done non-
accredited quantum physics courses during at break time at the local 
University in Sydney.
I have studied physics as a hobby for about 20 years as well.
I  spent nearly $700+ to get all of persingers books alone.
These included the large <from memory I am not at 
home>geological/atmospheric effects on humans text book+ 2 smaller 
books on humans/paranormal/fortean event book.
I have been in contact with Erling Strand<exchanged some books/audio 
tape > etc on Min Min lights (local earth light> type phenomena.
Not that I believe that bizarre behaviour = earth light simply.
I have several books by deveraux etc as well, our library on 
paranormal/fortean is about 700 books etc.
>You are always to act like pinkerton pinkie to detect several 
>istakes.What for this ?

My apologies if I come across as to aggressive.
You are a scientist, who has made some very intersting claims.
As a non-scientist, I am used to asking scientists/and others <if 
they have a claim> for the evidence.
As a scientist, you would understand why there is nothing wrong with 
this procedure at all.!!

>Join the project ,to stand confessed as like scientist or ufologist 
>or individual researcher.And then you will be find 
>everything,recorded by TUVPO in our members section.

Thanks, but, if the information is there, why couldnt you just place 
it here when asked.You are on a public forum,where people ask 
questions/make claims etc.

> what do you mean radiation ? light kelvin degree or anything ?

light kelvin

>If you have any idea what means this equipments or how to use by 
>engineer (SPECTROPHOTOMETER,Chroma Meter,Spectroradiometer,etc)
please find the user and application papers, manuals or look here 
for general use>

Thank you for the above information.I had been told before that for 
spectral analysis you needed spectral grating/film , rather than 
analysis of video footage.
Is the information I was told  wrong then?
The question I actually asked you was, with all your 
equipment /video etc, what actuall real time footage have you 
captured/measured on location, when the phenomena is happening.

Thanks for all your help.
I mean no offense.


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