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Subject: Re: Looking for some suggestions
From: "dbercaw2001" <dbercaw@...>
Date: 10 Mar 2002 17:57

--- In mysterylights@y..., Khem Caigan <Khem@z...> wrote:
>  You might want to take a look at James Brett's study of the Marfa
> Lights, to see how his chums jammed on the geology of the Texas Big 
Bend Region - which is volcanics, metamorphosed rocks, and chalk - 
both diamagnetic and dielectric.
>  Similar to what underlies the crop circle region in England, come 
to think of it ;)

I am looking for a copy of Brett's study.  The observation of both 
diamagnetics and dielectrics is interesting.  As I mentioned in the 
previous post, the Hornet area has a large mineralization of lead and 
zinc.  Most of the Ozark uplift area in North and Central Arkansas, 
South and Central Missouri, and Northeastern Oklahoma is a karst 
region and has numerous caves, the voids in the rock acting as a 
dielectric.  Dover is in the Ozarks, but I have no idea whether there 
is any mineralization in the area.  Crosset is in the Mississippi 
floodplain area.  I am not sure about the conditions around Gurdon, 
which is some distance south of the Hot Springs area, which is high 
in mineralization.

>  You might want to take a look at these sites: 
> Exploring ULF-ELF and VLF radio band
> Howsabout paying a visit to our neighbours?
> VLF group archive and information:

Thank you for the tip.  I have been browsing these areas.  Lots of 
goodies to consider.

D. Bercaw

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