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Subject: Fw: precursory earthquake lights in northern Chile??
From: "tuvpo" <andromeda@...>
Date: 10 Mar 2002 14:14

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Dear  Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo,

I examine the photo that you sent.
firstly I have to say that.
in order to analyse such pictures ,it should be a an original.
I think the picture has processed before of some kind a image editor.for th=
at reason the specialty of pixels and colour originality was gone.

for these reason I could not make a healthy analyses.
shortly I can say:

"the object on the photo does not carry  ALP characteristics ,so does the s=
ighting report."

the ALP sightings takes longer than yours (in general,1-15 minutes or more,=
according to the magnitude of the quake ) Also the ALPs are not movable tha=
n others.

I was interested because they are green.A friend of us has a thesis about t=
he green lights.He things that these are caused by the nuclear origin in th=
e ground.But this only a theory,but you have to investigated.  Dr.Hafez Keypour ,Kiana Teory

I also think that there is a digital camera error (slow synchronization) in=
 this photograph.Maybe, these object can be a out of focus dust particle . =
please read these article The ORB Phenomenon

For these reason I could not do deeper  photographic analyses,if you have s=
uch things (high resolution,original) in the future you can send them to me=
Erol Erkmen
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  Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 4:29 AM
  Subject: Re: precursory earthquake lights in northern Chile??

  Dear Erol Erkmen,

  This Photos was taken by our associate in Calama Mr. Jaime Ferrer. He was=
 trying to photograph the full moon with his new digital camera. Set the ca=
mera at the roof of his home and took 4 photos at 15 second between each. H=
e did not see the "green light" during the photo section, but find it out l=
ater at his PC monitor. The camera is a digital Alfa ephoto CL18. The time:=
 10:30 PM. The date: January 28, 2002. Place: Calama City, Chile.

  Note: The next day Mr. Ferrer went to his roof to see if it was any stree=
t light or home light that cause the green object in his photos. He made a =
recreation showing some trees. He assume the trees cover the green light in=
 the first two photos. This "green light" did not resemble any known UFO.

  What is it? Hopping you find the answer,


  Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

  Miami UFO Center 
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    Date: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 3:26 PM
    Subject: Re: precursory earthquake lights in northern Chile??

    dear friends ,
    I read your writings and visited your web pages but I could not find an=
y relevant source for ALP's.I do not know the fault lines of your country a=
nd I don't know where the sightings have taken place.For this reason I read=
 your writings but can not do and help much.
    As John sad  we should be ready every time.
    if there are suitable documentation (good quality pictures and video fo=
otage) I'm ready to help you for the recognition of the lights.

    Erol Erkmen
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 8:26 PM
      Subject: precursory earthquake lights in northern Chile??

      Dear Edgar,

      You are probably aware of the strange phenomena reported in northern =
Chile recently.  As someone who has studied earthquake lights for the last =
30 years, I would like to add my comments.

      These luminous phenomena and strange earth movements are consistent w=
ith the hypothesis that accumulating tectonic strain is causing changes in =
underground flows of water, which then produce luminosities that are often =
earthquake precursors.  Many of the phenomena reported are fanciful and may=
 not have any basis in reality, but the lights, the earth movements, and mi=
ne landslides are very real and should not be ignored, simply because we do=
n't understand them.

      While there is no way to quantify these effects in any way that would=
 lead to a specific earthquake prediction, nevertheless they indicate to me=
 a definite increase in the level of risk.  I can't give you anything more =
than a vague forecast, but I would not be at all surprised to see another l=
arge earthquake in northern Chile "soon."  The only measurable probably her=
e is that I may be completely wrong!

      Given all the uncertainties, no one should do anything that costs mon=
ey, frightens people, or causes people to do anything unusual.  While these=
 luminous phenomena frequently precede larger earthquakes, the earthquakes =
actually related to them may already have occurred and now be recent histor=
y.  In other words, any danger may already have passed.  However, northern =
Chile is a very active earthquake area, and everyone should have made prepa=
rations for an earthquake and taken precautions long ago.  No one knows whe=
n or where the next earthquake will occur, but if I lived in the area, I wo=
uld take this opportunity to check the batteries in my flashlights, and be =
sure that I had some fresh bottled water.

      And, for our scientific and professional interest, this would certain=
ly be a good time to keep the LVC seismic station in good operating order!

      Again, let me be very clear that this is not an earthquake prediction=
, and I do not want anyone to say that it might be.  Any sensational newspa=
per stories suggesting otherwise would not be helpful to the people of the =
region.  What would be helpful, and is always helpful, is for people to rev=
iew their state of earthquake preparedness.

      Best regards,

        From: "Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo" <ufomiami@...>
        To: "John Derr" <derr@...>
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           "Mario Andrade" <editor@...>
        Subject: Re: Calama and Arica
        Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 11:40:49 -0500

        Dear Dr. John S. Derr,

        Enclosed is our lasted report in English. We do not have it in Span=
ish yet,
        but as soon we have it we will send it to you. We are not geologist=
 but we
        are happy to cooperate with you. You can find our previous reports,=
        photos, at our web page:

      [see especially:  =

        In July 2000 we traveled to Calama following reports of UFOs and Ch=
        attacks. There we created the Calama UFO Center with Mr... Jaime Fe=
rrer as
        director. We usually follow reports of others strange phenomena in =
the area
        and that is why we become involved in it.

        In Spanish, you can directly contact our associate in Calama Mr. Ja=
        Ferrer, who is in charge of our field investigation at:

        Very truly yours,

        Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

        Miami UFO Center

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        From: John Derr <derr@...>
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        Date: Monday, March 04, 2002 5:23 PM
        Subject: Calama and Arica

        >Dear Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo,
        >As the operator of the Global Seismograph Network station near Cal=
        >Chile ("Limon Verde," LVC), I'm particularly interested in your re=
port of
        >what is clearly precursory earthquake lights (EQL), as inferred fr=
om your page
        >I would like to pass this on to our colleagues in Chile, and so wo=
uld like
        >to have a copy of the original report in Spanish.  Can you email t=
hat to
        >me?  I would also be interested in other, similar reports from thi=
s area,
        >in both English (for me) and Spanish (for my colleagues).
        >Incidentally, the so-called "nuclear monitoring" project is our GS=
        >station, which is part of the IRIS global network for earthquake a=
        >general geophysical research.  The data are open and available in =
        >on the web -- see our site, More information on the =
GSN may
        >be found at our general site, , and at t=
        >site, These data are also used for nuclear test moni=
        >but that's only one of many applications.  As for the optical and =
        >telescopes, they're in northern Chile because the dry air makes th=
e seeing
        >simply fantastic.  The only really strange thing is the EQL -- and=
        >only because we haven't figured out yet what causes them.
        >Many thanks --
        >Dr. John S. Derr, Chief             "The earth is stranger
        >Global Seismograph Network      than we give it credit for."
        >U.S. Geological Survey
        >Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
        >801 University SE, Suite 300
        >Albuquerque, NM  87106-4345  USA
        >phone:  (505) 846-7640
        >fax:    (505) 846-6973
        >email:  Derr@...
        Did UFOs Predict The Earthquake In Northern Chile?

        >From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
        Miami UFO Center

        In wake of recent geologic phenomena in Northern Chile, such as und=
        fires, ground splits, and the collapse of a mining facility, a 4.3 =
        scale earthquake was registered. According to the USGS National Ear=
        Information Center, the earthquake took place on February 28 of 200=
2, at
        approximately 06:25 (UTC). The center of the earthquake was located=
 at about
        80 miles northeast from the city of Calama, Chile. Further details =
about the
        earthquake can be found at the USGS website:

        The earthquake was felt in the areas of Chuquicamata, Maria Elena, =
        Calama, where two children died as a result of a landslide. Despite=
        signs of the tremendous amount of geological activity in those area=
s, the
        authorities were caught unprepared. Several underground fires have =
        reported in the outskirts of Calama. Nearby, in Baquedano, ground f=
aults and
        splits have caused city employees to evacuate the town hall buildin=
g, and
        the Chilean Customs Office is on the brink of a collapse.

        On the other hand, my colleagues and I were able to connect the dot=
s, and as
        a precaution, we recommended our field investigator Jaime Ferrer to=
 find a
        good insurance company for his households and valuable items. Jaime=
 lives in
        Calama, minutes away from where the landslide occurred. I am not by=
        means a geologist, nor I do not claim to have predicted the earthqu=
ake, but
        it was not difficult to figure out that something of this nature wa=
s going
        to happen due to what I considered to be evident warnings, such as =
        underground fires, the buildings that were sinking and collapsing, =
        ground splits, and curiously enough, the famous =93earthquake light=
s=94 that
        have been seen by many people in the area.

        Did UFOs predict the earthquake?

        Recently, in the same area where the earthquake was reported, a ser=
ies of
        =93mystery lights=94 have been reported at night. Several eyewitnes=
ses, among
        them, a major news network journalist, have reported seeing what th=
        believed to be bright lights or UFOs. But could these objects be pi=
loted by
        intelligent life forms, or could they be some sort of atmospheric p=
        Aside from that, could it be possible that these lights have predic=
ted the
        earthquake in Northern Chile?

        In 1999 a similar event, where a UFO was seen and videotaped during=
        earthquake in Turkey, prompted the =93Turkey UFO and Paranormal Eve=
        Research Organization=94 to create the Anomalous Luminous Phenomena=
 Project or
        =93ALP=94. The purpose was to gather and present scientific evidenc=
e to prove
        that these so-called earthquake lights are not UFOs, but rather nat=
        atmospheric phenomena that can indeed be utilized as a mean to help=
        earthquakes, and therefore, reduce the death toll during these cata=

        According to Freedman Freund, a physicist and professor at San Jose=
        University, in California, the ALPs or earthquake lights are caused=
        positive electrical charges generated by as the Earth=92s crust whe=
n it is
        subject to massive stresses along the faults. The rock formations i=
n the
        crust normally act as insulators. But under the severe stress gener=
        before an earthquake, these rocks may behave briefly like "p-type
        semiconductors" found in diodes, transistors and computer chips, ca=
pable of
        releasing massive amounts of positive charges referred to as "holes=
." These
        charges move upwards toward the surface of the Earth at between 220=
 and 660
        mph. The charges ionize the atmosphere upon reaching the air, causi=
        strange effects, such as radio interference, colored lights, and br=
        flashes, such as the ones reported in Northern Chile. Perhaps, this=
 could be
        the most logical explanation for this phenomenon, or maybe a small =
piece of
        the puzzle.

        Nevertheless, in the case of Northern Chile, there are many factors=
        consider. Perhaps, there are more questions than answers; in fact, =
the most
        puzzling element is the underground caves and alleged cities that s=
        eyewitnesses claim to see. In 1990, radio talk show host and invest=
        Arturo Menay described how he accessed a narrow tunnel near Maria E=
lena. The
        tunnel did not appear to be man-made because it was almost perfectl=
y round,
        with smooth edges. According to the sources that accurately informe=
d him
        about the tunnel, it leads to an underground city at approximately =
        kilometers from the entrance. According to Menay, him and his group=
        explorers were only able to walk about 200 meters from the entrance=
. At that
        point, they decided to turn around because they heard voices that, =
        to them, were not speaking Spanish or any other language they had h=
        before. On February 17 of 2002, a strange object was videotaped goi=
ng into
        the water of a lake. A large body of water, such as a lake, could b=
e the
        perfect element to hide the entrance to some kind of underground fa=
        If these objects were indeed UFOs controlled by or intelligent bein=
gs, could
        they be somehow trying to protect their underground bases from eart=

        In addition to all of these UFOs, bright lights, ALPs or what ever =
they may
        be, there are still many unexplained events taking place in Norther=
n Chile.
        That particular part of the world appears to be a breeding ground f=
or UFOs
        and the paranormal phenomena. We have received countless reports of=
        seeing humanoid creatures, bright spheres, men in black (I am not t=
rying to
        be controversial by mentioning this), and let us not forget about t=
        massive numbers of dead and mutilated animals -- the most solid, an=
d yet, so
        tragic evidence. Could it be possible that all of this is just part=
 of a big
        coincidence? Or is it perhaps some kind of mind control experiment?=
        there any underground cities populated by humans or other intellige=
        beings? Perhaps one day, we will find out. There is one thing we do=
 know for
        sure; despite our modern science and technology advances, our world=
 is still
        full of mysteries.

        Jaime Ferrer
        Calama UFO Center
        Translation by Mario Andrade

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